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Where does the time go, this must have been taken 20 years ago. My 1998 Triumph Speed Triple.


Such a fresh bike from Triumph at a time way before naked bikes started to regain popularity. Triumph’s 885 engine had about 100hp but the three cylinder had good torque or power everywhere in the rev range. Returning to road bikes from moto-x I used to delight in using the punchy triple to spin up the rear climbing Springbrook Mountain often bouncing the engine off the rev limiter forgetting I was not riding a two stroke. The sound of a triple was not common then and I had a rather loud muffler to share the auditory bliss and cared less about that. Good times.

Being a British bike it had the odd electrical glitch, the headlight bulbs would blow frequently and it could empty the tank rather quick but that fuel economy was more down to my heavy throttle application, this being near the end of a golden period of low policing on roads in my home state. That changed dramatically once we got past the world not ending with the millennium bug and sadly subsequent politicians have demonised bikers and supported anti motorcycle sentiment in the police force.

Looking at this photo I note when young enough to wear my shirt out I had it tucked in, and now of a age that my shirt should be tucked in I try wear it out.

As we grow older we grow more foolish and more wise at the same time.

On my way to Nepal, all going well I shall do a ride, survive, and tell you about it.

Regards, Warren.



  1. Thanks for sharing the old picture. It is fun to reminisce about older bikes. Have fun in Nepal. Looking forward to your trip report.

    1. Thanks Brandy got the transit in front of me at present. Oh what a joy air travel is haha 😂


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