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Dainese Guanto X-ILE gloves

See my updates below - these are not recommended. 

One of the things I decided to do after my spill in the Japanese alps was to change out my summer gloves from O’Neil Moto-X items to items with greater protection.

I wanted a glove that offered genuine high protection in a summer glove. After reading some reviews I went with the Dainese Guanto gloves hoping to get a higher quality product with this famous brand.

These are a leather glove with some spandex portions and some perforated area and offer a compromise between venting and strength with reinforced areas on the palm, rear of fingers and knuckle.


On the road I would agree with reviews, they do ventilate much better than you would expect by looking at them. Not super free flowing like mesh gloves but in a different class of protection to those. I do not find them as comfortable as other reviewers have. I hope this will improve with wear however that remains to be seen. The sizing at least seems correct.

All up then not bad however not super comfortable like my Held gloves. I got these in December '10 on close out from a USA web dealer very well priced.

Update September 2011. Now being used again after winter and I still find them not as comfortable as I would expect for such a top line product. Hard to recommend on my experience so far.

Update October 2011. Well these are going to be retired after little use as they are simply not comfortable. The problem is the way the fingers are constructed with the seams at the side of your fingers bunching up and annoying you by 1/2 way into a ride. Am ordering a new pair of gloves from Held.

Final update. In the end I never wore these for more than a few days as too uncomfortable. The way the seams are is very poor design. I threw them out in the end and have not much confidence to buy anything else from Dainese if they cannot make something as simple as gloves that don't bite into your skin.