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Vitesse Boots

I currently have in the cupboard a variety of unsuitable riding boots. One pair are simple walking boots/shoes with little protection and which I have already stopped using. Another pair are also short height boots/shoes from Alpinestars that after a days riding bite into my arch no matter what I do with them. The final pair are mid height waterproof items from Joe Rocket. Purchased for my Euro tour these fit yet are awkwardly sized where your big toe sits and can apply pressure that becomes very uncomfortable by days end.

So none work well for me, the short boots lack full protection, the Rockets are cold weather only and each one has comfort issues. So the short story is the money saved from not riding much lately due to constant rain (grr) has been spent on these new boots!


I have had the Vitesse boots site bookmarked for a couple of years with the intention of one day getting a pair. Whilst they have regular style black boots I always admired their retro brown lace ups which is what I now have. Vitesse boots are made in France and the design and build quality is superb, no quality control issues causing sizing anomalies here unlike the other three I have all from China.

The traditional lace up boot allows me to adjust them to suit and be comfortable. The boots really are easy to walk around in and I will be able to tour wearing these on and off the bike. In the evening under a pair of jeans I will not need a carry a second pair of shoes. For me this is great as I like to go riding for a few days and travel light.


I think they are simply beautiful.
It is raining here most every day with forecasts for it to continue for the next month so unlikely to have any ride reports in the near future. Wettest weather I can recall.

Update, well I have had these boots for a long time now and they have turned out to be very good. I think if you like this traditional sort of look then they age very well and look just as good after some wear and tear.

Issues I had had are the inner hard rubber side plate as seen above can at times seem to apply pressure to my right foot. How I have my foot on different bikes makes a difference but on the less this item is a design fault as it happened enough that I went to the effort to cut away the top pointed section to stop this from digging in.

I no longer ride a classic style bike and live now where it is colder and wetter so a pair of plain black waterproof boots is on my wish list as these are a little cooler in winter than I would like but then in summer breath very well.