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V2 visor sponge

I admit freely I am often slow to recognize a good thing. Be it I get too absorbed elsewhere or follow the herd or end up going round in circles before realizing I had it right to begin with. And that’s just motorcycles, the harder stuff of one’s personal life I seem to decipher 20 years later than everyone else!  

So it is no surprise that I am probably the last person to recognize what a brilliant product the V2 visor kit is. The kit consists of a v shape sponge made of a mircofibre type material, a water proof zip seal bag to keep it in, a blue super absorbent cloth and another larger zip seal bag to keep the previous three items in.


You wet the sponge and keep in the smaller bag ready. When you need to clean your visor take out the sponge and it removes bugs and grime with just a couple of wipes and does not damage uridium tinted visors (well was fine with my Shark visor) pop the sponge back in and wipe visor with supplied soft absorbent cloth and you then put all away.

Small enough to keep in a jacket pocket or under seat the thing I like is it cleans so well and you can refresh your visor wherever you stop. Also you do not need to use the petrol station coarse paper or worse still if no paper the dreaded squeegee which is normally loaded with grit. On tour in Europe there was rarely any thing to clean a visor with at petrol stations so I found this item very handy. There was not the quantity of bugs we have but I was recalling my ride to Phillip Island and how this would have been great given the mass of bugs I copped in route.


Update on the Tenacious Tape I used to repair my pants in Japan. Still holding strong, looks like it has completely bonded to pants and won’t be coming off ever. Above is what the container it comes in looks like, very small you could keep one in your touring kit.

Raining so no ride. Has been a very wet year here.

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  1. Cheap version of the V sponge is get a pack of the 'magic sponge' from coles or woolworths as they are made of same micro cell material.


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