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Joe Rocket boots review

I have purchased some new riding footwear and have chosen a pair of Joe Rocket Meteor boots.


I am starting at the bottom in putting together an outfit suitable for riding in colder places. That could be southern Australia or New Zealand or beyond. Basically here in the tropics even my full winter setup is designed around the fact that it never is really properly cold.

I decided I wanted to go for a 3/4 boot that was waterproof. Larger than this becomes less easy to walk in and wear under pants. Being waterproof I think is important if touring in a cold place and striking a wet day. I have 2 sets of over boots however they are made to cover shoes not large boots and are a short term solution in my opinion. The neoprene ones are good for getting past a shower or storm but will allow water to sneak past after a few hours, the plastic ones will keep the water out for as long as needed but they do not breath so are not a wet day touring solution either.

The Joe Rocket Meteor boots have a waterproof breathable liner. Now I always think if it is waterproof then is not going to breath that much but first ride test it would seem to be not too bad. I wore them on my last ride and it got to 26 degrees, more than I wanted wearing a boot like this and yet my feet did not perspire too much. I was wearing my ‘coolmax’ walking socks that I obtained from a outdoors shop and which I find work really well to wick away moisture when riding and by days end my feet had perspired some but had not suffered the dreaded ‘swamp foot’

The boots themselves are comfortable and seem well made. The buckle system is fully adjustable and there is no zipper to bother with you adjust how close the upper part of the boot is via velcro which works well for me. On the road I really enjoyed the feel of these boots and they look subtle yet stylish, not like something to go to the moon in. My current riding pants (BMW City Pants) tend to ride up a bit so these boots cover the gap that I have when wearing them.

Moving up the next item will be winter pants.

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  1. I put my boots into shoe repair kiosk to have them stretched a bit which was a service I did not know they offered. I went to buy something to soften the leather to assist in breaking them in faster as very stiff in comparison to my old low cut boots but shop was run by a rider and he said forget that he would stretch them a bit for me so they will be just like my old well worn ones.


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