Blogs are not in vogue now but remain an excellent source of information for riders whilst YouTubers lean more towards entertainment. 

In no particular order a few people I read.

Motorcycle touring

The Road to Nowhere – Fuzzy Galore –  Motogirl in Thailand – Motorcycle Meanders

Sarawak Adventure Rider – Vietnam Coracle – Trobairitz’ Tablet – Zed14

Tarsnakes – Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist – Daves Viewpoint

Orsons Travel Blog – Bandit Rider – The Church of the Open Road Press

Riding on a VStar – Moto Mania – Find me on the road – Tombstones Travels

Kiwi Grom – Gaijin Bikers in Japan – Experimental Ghost

Australian Motorcycle Diaries – Lady on Motorbike – Tales from the road

Flies in your teeth – Helmet Stories – Rider Chris – MotoAdrenaline tours

Motonoodles – Motorumla

Motorcycle articles

On The Back Wheel – Moto Japan – A view from above

Bike tech 7 – Two Wheel Obsession

RTW or Overlanders 

Asphalt and Beyond – One Steph Beyond – Bikehedonia

Miles for Minds – On Her Bike – I Have a Dream – On the Run

MotoMorgana – Riding with the wolf – XT Adventures

Girl on a Beemer – Notiers Frontiers


Forums are still a good place to ask for advice even if they attract trolls like moths to a lamp.

Some of the best ride reports I have read were on the ADV Forum. Recently ride reports are getting contrived, like Instagram posed photos, but here are three favourites.

Angola, its not like they said The ride reports below take a long time to read, this however is easy to enjoy in one sitting with fabulous images. It starts off as a bit of a lark but develops into a dangerous edge of the seat story. If you only read one ride report on a forum, make it this one.

Ride for Smiles Sheldon is from my home region and after a horrific car accident where he literally died he decides in his 2nd life with no previous experience to see how far he might ride a motorbike. Take note of what Sheldon is trying to tell you in the beginning about the brain damage and a long list of terrible injuries he suffered and remember when reading those injuries and mental issues persist to understand his writing style and how truly incredible this journey was.

Around the world in 800 days / Ed-Venn-Ture the next 800 days This is a five year round the world ride which ran at similar time to Sheldon’s with a very different style so I was enjoying to read both each week. Part one is a visit to the major wine growing areas of the world then part two shifts gears as Ed’s travel gets more adventurous.

I don’t come across much video blogging that I can watch. Helmet POV footage is mind numbing after short while but of course it is hard to do much else if solo rider.

C90 Adventures – Wildbad Touring – Motorcyclist Magazine

The Bike ShowStories of BikeBikemetv – The way of the motorcycleKlaus Waldorf

Everything on Facebook is fleeting by design and often lacking in content but it is the place we all hang out even if we say we will stop.

I previously enjoyed following Rhys Lawleys youngest RTW rider, he really used the social network and action cams to good effect and now this young bloke has been posting the most enthusiast selfies on his ride in Iran and Pakistan. Ben King on the road

Juvena is riding a Vespa from Singapore to Europe, check out her journey at The Wandering Wasp page.

His Dear George was amusing one time only then just a dummy spit however elsewhere he writes some entertaining things in what has become a ocean of bland press releases – Boris Mihailovic 

Peter has taken his FJR all over Australia and Europe and has one in the USA now which I hope he will be back posting about soon as would love to do the same myself. An Aussie FJR on tour

Facebook groups are a cross between a page and a forum. There is a great bunch of people at the Black Dog Adventure Club which has a focus on riding and travelling in SE Asia.

NB. Not endorsing what any of these people publish, just suggesting you may find something of interest.