Current state of site

After 13 years on Google Blogger in 2019 I changed to WordPress. This caused many issues with text formatting. I’m trying to fix things but with there are hundreds of posts with the space missing after every sentence full stop as well as paragraph gaps disappeared. Thanks for your understanding.

2020 I moved from Bitnami WordPress on Apache with Amazon Web Services to a managed WordPress with Namecheap for greater ease and support. Still ironing out the bugs but I’d recommend Namecheap over Amazon.


The site loads slow? The site is optimised for PC users and the Google page speed insights results are quite decent on that platform but mobile devices I am still trying to improve. Not sure it will change any time soon as the site is designed for big screen.

Some post dates are obviously wrong? This is another problem that happened when I moved to WordPress.

I can’t find an article, I get redirected? – Over 150 old posts were not imported from Blogger. Some were too out of date and some refused to import.

When are you going to start doing YouTube? – Never. I realise some people are too lazy to read but I am not aiming to please everyone.

I am from XYZ company and your blog came to our attention. We are wondering if you are interested in us doing a guest post to your blog? – No.