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2018 Updates

Some long overdue updates.

I got the photo editor Luminar 2018 recently and while learning decided it was a good chance to revisit my old posts and fix up the photos.

Whilst many old images came from low resolution cameras or my old iPhone 4 most could still benefit from modern post processing.

The result is now the small thumbnails are gone and images look better. They now open as new tab/image and I added a some previously unpublished images as well quick edit of my old writing.

Here are some of the posts fixed up so far:

Two Loonies ride Thailand 2015


Indonesia Volcano Tour 2014


Philippines Big motorcycle ride 2014


Malaysia motorcycle tour 2013


Singapore to Malaysia


I am also working on all my Aus and New Zealand rides. The north island ride photos now enhanced quite a bit.

NZ North Island Motorcycle ride


The South island ride was 2011 and things were bit low res then but still some came out rather well.

NZ South island motorcycle ride


And I cannot work out why I have not been back to this amazing riding destination!

Luminar 2018 is excellent software, easy to learn and even a beginner can produce good results with the in built templates.

I have been watching the tutorials and processed my old photos manually to try learn. Going to be a good tool moving forward.


  1. Happy New Year Warren!! I have a lot of blog reading to catch up on.

    1. Happy New Years Brandy, great to hear from you, hope you are well and best wishes for 2019


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