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Motorcycle Paradise

South Africa Motorcycle Ride part two

Day four. Leslotho.

Leaving Clarens I enjoyed more of the Golden Gate national park. Difficult to capture in a photo but grand landscapes as I had hope to see in Africa. Click for larger view.



Next stop Leslotho.


Perhaps the most casual border I have crossed. A teenage guy at the immigration stamps my passport, the paperwork prepared for me by GS Africa is not looked at. About $4 road tax fee and I am set for a awesome day of riding in the mountainous kingdom.


Riding past traditional villages with thatched roof huts and people living traditional lives here was special moment.


The road across the country is scenic mountains and curves all the way.


The road then climbed steeply, straight up side of mountain.



And still I climb to over 3000m, the G310 is performing perfectly, not affected by the altitude.


Now I am in high plains with lunar like scenery. Check the route below, altitude is 3000m+ for over 40km.


The road is fantastic. Google shows it as some gravel but actually it is all new hot mix.


It was very cold and no services so make sure you have everything you possibly need with you. I saw couple of pick up trucks, security for a huge diamond mine but that was all.

The descent was an amazing ride. I lost quite a few photos from today as I will explain later and regret not being able to show those better images.


I never saw any locals with a car. In villages people are using donkeys, horse or walking.


The border is a couple of huts then once past this road suddenly ends. Its so weird this road seems to serve nobody and go nowhere.

The way down is the Sani Pass. From hotmix to steep rough track.

I lost my photos from the top so here is some from Google and Wikipedia to try give idea. Weather was fine exactly like this.


The view.


The descent, that first drop off is crazy.


And a picture borrowed of the surface in few parts. But here is a video that shows things as they were.

I am not going to BS you, this was tough. Especially where the grade was steep on loose surface. Going up you can power on but not descending.

Had to go at walking pace, gingerly trying not to lock the wheels but constantly in slip slide and needing to pull up frequently lest the bike gain momentum as would be unable to stop then either crash or go over the edge. Was so glad to be on the baby GS here.

I took a couple of long breaks on way down to admire the scenery and rest. It was hard work.


But it was beautiful. And I made it!

The lower section is easy then excellent road into Underberg.

One of the most amazing days of riding I have experienced in my life.

I wandered in to the Underberg Inn and everyone is a rider and wanting to know about the G310 and my ride.

I got introduced to South African sherry and it got messy. Lucky for me this town is safe as I staggered back to my room very late.

Day five.

Today starts cool then turns to rain and then really miserable as a cold front rolls in. It’s 13 degrees which on a naked bike with full wind blast is unpleasant.

The roads remains scenic and nice riding when it was not raining, but it is so cold up 1500m in these high plains.



Today became all about getting the mileage done.

I had my base layer thermal shirt, then a tshirt, then the lightweight fleece I brought (because temperature should be twice this) then my secondary nylon rain jacket then the Alpinestars jacket minus liner but water penetrated it and crept in to make me cold then the temperature fell further with strong cross winds and rain making it difficult going.

Lost my Dues Ex cap today. I had it clipped on to bag for access when I stop rather than have helmet hair but it was stolen at petrol or coffee. I have my bags cable locked to bike so this was stupid of me.

Anyway, I arrived at my BnB for tonight in Queenstown with room heater already on and long hot shower just in the nick of time saved me from hyperthermia.

Day 6.

Its 7 degrees at 9.00am with spots of light rain. I cannot put it off any longer so with 5 layers fitted I head out.

Nice roads this morning but too cold to take photos, I was afraid I would drop the camera. I stop a couple times to put my hands near the muffler to thaw them. My Held Rain Star gloves have lost their warmth, the liner is worn out, last ride for them.

Still up high. I urge the road to drop in elevation and eventually the vegetation changes and my wish is granted. The temperature jumps to 17 but cross winds keep it cold.


I had lunch at Grahamstown that looks remarkably like a gold rush town in Victoria, however  downtown was edgy with shifty characters sizing me up so I only have a few onboard images of side streets.


I went to a cafe in a gated shopping area. The current government is renaming English town names and Grahamstown will be something else in future.

Met a fellow rider. Stefan was going to Kenya on a Chinese made 125cc boxer and told me to harden up when I mentioned it was cold. Ha-ha, perfect response.

Final run into Port Elizabeth it warms to low 20’s at sea level and I arrived at the apartment I had booked exactly on time.


Here is where things took a turn for the worse.

There is nobody there, I phone and message but am left sitting on street in old part of town.

While I am distracted looking at on phone for hotel two guys rush me with large knife and grab my phone.

They move away as a car turns into the street, this perhaps saved me and I sum up in milliseconds nobody is going to help so I jump on the bike and am moving in two seconds before they have chance to grab me again.

I don’t know what to do but at the lights put my gloves on then ride clear of this sketchy area.

I move towards the ocean then turn south as that is where I was looking at hotels on phone.

I arrive at the suburb of Summestrand and look for mall then look for accommodation nearby and seeing a place called Palm Beach which reminds me of Gold Coast back home decide to randomly stop and ask about vacancy. Luck turns my way, a fabulous studio is available and owner upon hearing what happened discounts the price for me so I take it two nights.


I just switched off my brain back there. Soon as I saw the area I should have known it clearly was not as advertised and not going to suit my needs. I let myself worry about losing a few dollars on the booking rather than be sensible and roll on.

But being a glass 1/2 full person I thought well it could have been a whole lot worse. Could have lost wallet, bike or everything.

I was sad I lost the photos on the phone. I usually copy them off to free up space but I had been using my camera too so again all was not lost.

Well I am determined not to let this ruin my once in a life trip here so I got some good wine and tasty cheese from the mall.

Further ride report soon as more wi-fi is available.

(Part one is here)



(Part three now posted)


  1. Nice report so far warren. You are very lucky indeed my friend. Those guys could have stabbed you, be careful mate. South Africa is a dsngerous place, ive been told by fellow work mate and one lived in Port Elizabeth.

    1. Thanks Steve I was indeed very lucky. I had not seen too much before that so my guard was down but not for rest of trip.

  2. I had no idea the elevation was so high in S.A. How long ago were you there? It can get cold at altitude anywhere, especially 3000m, but I wouldn’t have expected warmer weather. Maybe that sherry should have been put in a hip flask?
    You were lucky to get away with just a lost phone there. Could have been much worse!!

    1. It was for about 40km, this huge plateau where a large diamond mine is located but until I got to the coast it has been high elevation all the way from Joburg. Scenery was semi lunar like, I lost my best panoramas on phone, reminded me a bit of the high areas of India but different geology.

  3. * I meant “I would have expected warmer temp” up there. ;)
    Pretty amazing scenery none the less!

    1. No prbs, It was probably about 10 degrees up high on a day where is was 36 down at a mere 1000m in Queenstown. So much of South Africa is at a high elevation compared to Australia.

  4. That is quite a story Warren. Very glad it did not turn out worse for you. Between this and the truck getting swept off the cliff in India you are certainly using up your 9 lives.

    1. Thanks Richard. sorry for late publish, this comment and my reply Blogger never published. It's a bug in this platform.

      I think I need to ease off a little as I have used up a few other lives already not sure if I have much of my 9 left :)


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