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Motorcycle Paradise

Some motorcycle reading

Been meaning to mention all the motorcycle books I have been reading on my travels and keep forgetting. Here is a few to begin.


When I was riding India I was reading this book, Way to go by Geoff Hill.

Geoff is a well established travel writer in the UK who decided to ride a Royal Enfield from Delhi to Belfast despite his riding experience totalling about 30 miles.

It’s very funny indeed and the book also has his next journey, a ride down route 66 in the USA as a bonus.


Also on my kindle (actually I just use app now) prior to my ride in the Himalaya was All the Gear, No Idea by Michelle Harrison who rides a Enfield solo around India.

The book made me question why I was going to join a tour as Michelle makes it sound ever so easy when that is not the case.

Wish it was a bit longer and talked about more aspects of her time in India but good enough for a couple of dollars as a ebook on Kindle.


No Thru Road by Clement Salvadori is a collection of short stories from all over the world spanning 40 years of travel.

It is a truly fantastic read, fascinating stories of two wheel adventures and a life well lived.

Highly recommended I plan to read it all again in the future.


This book is written by the drummer of rock band Rush who is also a motorcyclist often riding between gigs.

Despite people gushing about this in 5 star reviews on Amazon I found it a rather dry and uninteresting read.

I think you have to be a fan of the band, whom I had never heard of before this. Sorry, not able to recommend this one.

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