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Reminder to myself. Facebook groups have replaced forums.

The trolls, bombastic zealots and keyboard warriors hiding behind their aliases have migrated over. Best to minimise my exposure to these miserable people.

And on a positive note – comments to the blog should be working again. I have tested it using private browser and it seems ok but Blogger is a old platform and sometimes it just doesn’t work. A number of comments have been lost and cannot be recovered.


  1. Why not let the trolls move to FB and us decent people remain to populate the forums?

  2. The internet can be a miasma of keyboard jockeys and their opinions as opposed to when you used to be able to go to a forum for useful information and/or help with a subject. It now seems to be folks orating from on high, and thinking their word is gospel.

    1. There certainly are many keyboard warriors who in the real world are probably scared of their own shadows.

      But good people too which I need to remember.


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