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Motorcycle Paradise

How to use this site and access it’s content


The frustrating thing with many sites can be finding your way around the content.


Above is how it is designed to look on computer or Phone to the right (not shaded like that of course)

The best viewing experience is on a large screen, the photos I share are chosen for that not which ones look good as a thumbnail on a phone.

However I realise less people will access that way in future so have tried to improve the mobile experience, the site is reactive so it will adjust the resolution best fit to any size phone, phablet, tablet.


On a small screen the 3 bars bring up the menu. You can scroll and touch any tile to see it’s description and touch again to read.

There are limits with what can be done but the tiled responsive format is big improvement to a traditional magazine with small menu.

If using a small screen turn the phone from portrait to landscape, ie turn your phone 90 degrees, the page will upscale the images on the fly for you.


For PC users you can select a menu item then move your mouse pointer over the tile to reveal the name of the article.

If you do not like that tile layout you can look at traditional lists of articles in the sub menu of that name.

Words that appear in pale red colour (like last sentence) are a link to something in the site or to an explanation and not advertising links as you might expect.    


To stay up to date click like on the Facebook page or add the Google+ page to your circle to receive updates when ride reports are posted.

You can view my Instagram feed from the gadget on the home page or from the app #motorcycle.paradise 

There are buttons for Tumblr, Pinterest and 500px, but I generally have lost interest in these sites.

To message me then use the gadget found in the Contact menu or via the Facebook page.

Possible issues.

If using Firefox or Microsoft Edge there may be odd time the fonts display incorrectly in olde english style. Try clearing your browsers cache.

In the sub menu pages occasionally not all articles will load but if you scroll/roll mouse wheel then more appear.

For touch screen tablets all the side menus cascade open, this is by design.

This color scheme is common but some people may find it hard to read. Try to calibrate your monitor, many panels are wildly inaccurate with their colour, gamma and contrast.

If you notice any issues then I’d appreciate a message. 

You can find a page with general info about the site here.




Hey go right ahead and post something here. I'd love to hear from you and your comments will be published soon as I review them - this is just to stop spam otherwise I end up with 50 'cheap viagra' advertisements posted here.