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Site info and troubleshooting


This page is about how to use the site and possible issues. For personal info click here

First of all above is how it is designed to look on computer left or phone right (not shaded when viewing)


And above is how it looks once you select an item to read.

Known issues are:

1. Comments getting lost. Blogger occasionally sends comments to spam folder or loses them. If it seems I am ignoring you then maybe I never got your comment, please send again.
2. Occasionally the fonts will go weird. I think this is fixed, it affected Firefox mostly. But Blogger is an old platform and font spacing and format issues continue.

The site is designed primarily for viewing on a large screen not thumbnails on a phone however I realise less people will access that way in future so it is reactive. That means it will adjust it’s resolution to best fit any size phone, phablet, tablet.

On a small screen the 3 bars bring up the menu. You can scroll and touch any tile to see it’s description and touch again to read.
If using a small screen turning the phone from portrait to landscape, ie turn your phone 90 degrees, will upscale the images on the fly for you.

For PC users you can select a menu item then move your mouse pointer over the tile to reveal the name of the article.
If you do not like the tile layout you can look at traditional lists of articles.
Words that appear in pale red colour (like in last sentence) are a link to something not advertising.

To stay up to date click like on the Facebook page or add the Google+ page to your circle.
I don’t do email subscriptions, I figure nobody wants that these days.
There are buttons for Tumblr, Pinterest and 500px, I lost interest in those sites - only so many hours in a day.
This color scheme is common but some people tell me it is hard to read. You might calibrate your monitor, many panels are wildly inaccurate with their colour.
If you notice any issues then I’d appreciate a message.


Hey go right ahead and post something here. I'd love to hear from you and your comments will be published soon as I review them - this is just to stop spam otherwise I end up with 50 'cheap viagra' advertisements posted here.