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Motorcycle Paradise

How to view and navigate this site

A quick post to explain the way this blog is displayed.


Above is how it is designed to look on PC left and Phone right.

The best viewing experience is on a PC with a large screen but I realise less and less people will access that way so have also tried to improve the mobile experience.

On a small screen you get a custom mobile version. There are limits with what can be done with blogger but the tiled responsive format in place suits much more than a traditional blog with small text menus.

The 3 bars are the main menu. You can scroll and touch any tile to see it’s description and touch again to read.

If using a small screen you can change the orientation from portrait to landscape, ie turn your phone 90 degrees to get a wide view which will automatically upsize the articles images for you.

For PC uses who do not like the tile pages you can look at traditional lists of articles in the sub menu of that name created especially for you.  

Possible issues.

If using Firefox or Microsoft Edge there may be odd time the fonts display incorrectly. This seems a local cache thing so try clearing your browsers cache.

In the sub menu pages for Japan and SE Asia there a many articles so not all load straight up and you need to scroll down the page to load more i.e the tiles may seem to finish however more will load when scrolling down, this is not an issue rather by design.

For tablets, the side menus will cascade open down the page by default, again this is by design for ease of access not a issue.

Someone told me the colour of text on background is impossible to read. This scheme is widely used but if your screen is not calibrated the gamma, contrast and brightness settings may affect how legible the site (and others) appear. I had an Asus notebook previously that had a wildly inaccurate LCD panel which I never realised until I had it side by side another PC and saw how poor my display was.

Known issues.

In the very old posts some photo links are broken. This happened when Google moved from their legacy Picasa photo albums to current Google Photo albums. In that process they broke the links to about 200 photos in my oldest articles.

I have fixed and remastered the photos in popular articles still being read but in very old one day ride reports I am leaving things as are. The articles are fully working and the smaller preview images displaying in the posts ok and since nobody is reading stuff from over a decade ago it seems not worth the effort to fix those broken links at this point in time.  

If you notice any issues then I’d really appreciate a quick message and I will seek help on any matter.