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Motorcycle Paradise

Video Killed the Radio Star

Sitting around in the hotel courtyard having a beer on a warm night before I was due to start my Philippine ride I was invited to join a bunch of young guys.

One guy had a beautiful black Ducati Scrambler and became interested in my tour. Mentioning I will post it to my blog I was asked what was my channel?

‘No it is a photographic site, I don’t do video’. A moment of silence. Jeepney horns beep in the background… ‘No video at all?’- ‘No’. Phones that had been picked up are placed down on the table ‘Ok we’ll take a look later’ - Beer drinking resumes.

Setting aside Facebook selfies or clichéd travel images driven by perceived kudos (likes) – has still photography peaked?

And the elephant in the room - are blogs outmoded? Many a moto blogger has moved to the crowded airwaves on Youtube.

Motorcycling is on the fringe, considered stupid by most people. I feel no desire to try reach people who are not on the same page as me, why waste time on that. 

No I think I’ll keep doing what I like here. With others gone it is a great opportunity.

If I want more clicks I’ll post a couple of “how to make a travel web site and never work again” articles. Apparently I’ll become a millionaire.

Apologies to The Buggles.



  1. Hmmmm, dome of my least favourite items in blogs I read are the video. Unless you are a Speilberg it is generally pretty underwhelming. Keep doing what you are doing Warren, it is a pleasure to read.

    1. Thanks Dave, by the way that's one trick bike you are riding now!

  2. Video Blogging or vlogging may have killed Blogging off, but it's not all lolly pop and roses over on youtube. There are so many content creaters over there that are now leaving as youtube has changed how the monetisation works. Guys that were make some decnt money are now getting paid nothing, so a whole bunch of them are up and leaving and going to places like patreon where you pay to watch their videos.

    I deem that this will kill off a lot of these guys because youtube was free, and most of them are not good enough to be paying for their content. I think they think they can get paid to ride motorcycles and talk crap.

    Well that would be nice but I cant see that happening unless you joined a motorcycle magazine or some such thing.

    1. The idea to make motorcycle videos for a living seems the same dream as to make a travel blog and never work again. I am certain the original ones years back did well enough.

      Alas motorcycle journalism is dead. The magazines still running are forced to publish glowing press releases posing as articles to keep a now tiny advertising income going as brands no longer see a need to advertise in magazines shifting their spending to social media and google.

      If seeking an objective impartial review of a product then blogs with integrity might return to favour one day if people start to realize everything they are being fed is marketing in one form or another.


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