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Motorcycle Paradise

Video Killed the Radio Star

Sitting around in the hotel courtyard having a beer on a warm night before I was due to start my Philippine ride I was invited to join a bunch of young guys.

One guy had a beautiful black Ducati Scrambler and became interested in my tour. Mentioning I will post it to my blog I was asked what was my channel?

‘No it is a photographic site, I don’t do video’. A moment of silence. Jeepney horns beep in the background… ‘No video at all?’- ‘No’. Phones that had been picked up are placed down on the table ‘Ok we’ll take a look later’ - Beer drinking resumes.

Setting aside Facebook selfies or clichéd travel images driven by perceived kudos (likes) – has still photography peaked?

And the elephant in the room - are blogs outmoded? Many a moto blogger has moved to the crowded airwaves on Youtube.

Motorcycling is on the fringe, considered stupid by most people. I feel no desire to try reach people who are not on the same page as me, why waste time on that. 

No I think I’ll keep doing what I like here. With others gone it is a great opportunity.

If I want more clicks I’ll post a couple of “how to make a travel web site and never work again” articles. Apparently I’ll become a millionaire.

Apologies to The Buggles.