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Wearing Hi-Vis and other ride safe myths

Travelling around SE Asia has been wonderful and an eye opener. I used to think make yourself more visible and ride defensive to be safe and wrote a lengthy article some years ago on all things to be more visible and their effectiveness measured in studies. I just can’t believe in it anymore.
Motorcycles in SE Asia weave through traffic jams and get across town in half the time of cars. But you learn very fast when moving cars have right of way over motorcycles regardless of situation. The car has size and strength on it’s side and is usually owned by someone of a higher social status thus drivers think themselves superior to riders. (a variation of this attitude I believe exists in drivers everywhere) Wearing hi-vis would be as effective as chewing gum to make the car driver care about you. If you fail to yield or take evasive action the car will literally nudge you out of the way or plow into you.

And that is why perhaps the ‘ride safe’ message is flawed. Wear fluro, be a good boy and trust the cars not to kill me... But would I put a yellow vest on in Sri Lanka and think that will make any difference – hell no, I’d be dead in five minutes. Why tell me it will work in Australia, or anywhere else. Surely it is a safety bubble dream.

The way I ride in SE Asia is to assume every driver has had no formal training and is messaging on Facebook in uninsured vehicle and will have no qualms to hit me and drive off. I ride on the offence with total focus on everything around me. I ride anyhow to positon myself clear of dangers, bending road rules as I see fit yet my riding there is also my best, using all my skills and concentration.

Honestly I couldn’t care less what other riders wear, ride or vote for. I am just thinking maybe wearing fluro makes them less attentive than a rider who assumes nobody can see them and the ride safe message is wrong. Assume the worst and break any road rule needed to stay alive is my view now when someone says ‘ride safe’.