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Motorcycle Paradise has been featured in the Motorcyclist Life Best Motorcycle Blogs.

Some nice blogs listed there, I lost half a day reading and have bookmarked some for future. I do wish bloggers would provide links to their rides or major articles rather than merely an archive. It’s very hard to find things with years of posts to try look through. I gave up on a couple today that otherwise looked interesting.

First sign of winter maybe easing here. Heading on up to a max of 12 today which is balmy for late February. I think it may be a short lived warm air mass from China but signals I best get working on my ride plans for 2018.

Thanks for your continued support.



  1. 12 degrees sounds like it is heading towards spring. Our high today is 7˚C and it was trying to snow earlier. We are a little behind you.

    1. Hi Brandy, looks like Spring is around the corner, this weekend they are talking 14-15 degrees. I'm thinking of taking the cover off the bike haha.