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Wearing Hi-Vis and other ride safe myths

Travelling around SE Asia has been wonderful and an eye opener. I used to think make yourself more visible and ride defensive to be safe and wrote a lengthy article some years ago on all things to be more visible and their effectiveness measured in studies. I just can’t believe […]

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Better onboard motorcycle photos

My search continues and I have arrived at a different solution for my onboard motorcycle photos, a device called a lens only camera. I’ve tried a few action cams, the Polaroid Cube, GoPro Hero 5 session, a GoPro Hero clone. They all produced excellent video but poor stills. As far […]

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Philippines Motorcycle Ride

Whilst the Philippines is known for its 7000 islands, to the north of the capital Manila lies a large mountainous area offering some great riding. If you have some spare time I’ll tell you a little about my ride there. After my motorcycle ride in Sri Lanka I flew to […]

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