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Motorcycle Paradise has been included in the Top 100 motorcycle blogs at Feedspot which delighted me.  There are some nice blogs on that list, by all means go take a look at the others.

I don’t advertise the blog besides posting images on social media which doesn’t drive any traffic anyway. Most readers land here from Google, the site having had a page one rank for some years now.

It has occurred to me I should try get it more widely known but magazine style sites are out of vogue now. The most basic motorcycle video channel on YouTube has 100 times the traffic of static blogs. 

But that is ok. This site is just my journal and my photo album. If the info here can assist other riders or my photos inspire some people to ride Japan (as has happened) then I’ll be happy with that. 

Motorcycle Blog



  1. Congratulations Warren
    You have some great content with very large coverage of different places ridden in various countries. I can't name another blog that covers as much as yours does unless you go to some sort of motorcycle magazine type website.

    Keep up the excellent work!!!


    The Road to Nowhere

  2. Nicely done Warren. It is good for you to be recognized for what you bring to the moto-blogging world. To you it may be "just" your journal, but those that read it appreciate it. Your photos, your candor, and your wit.

  3. I haven't ridden a motorbike since the 70's , all my trips are by bicycle fully loaded and for durations of up to 3 months at a time. About to make my eleventh foray into Japan soon. Love what you write especially about the backroads of Japan, those are the ones I take on a bicycle. Even ride some of your routes.Keep an eye out for an old guy with a grey goatee on a bicycle in Japan.

    1. Thanks Llewellyn, I shall look for you on the road


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