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Australia and New Zealand ride list


Here are my motorcycle tours in Australia and New Zealand which upon reflection is a short list.

I have travelled Australia more than this suggests but not on two wheels. I spent much of my young years on the road in Australia anywhere between Adelaide and Cairns and literally could tick having seen nearly every town and highway in the eastern states at one school project much to the disbelief of the teacher. Later I did not travel in my own country much because of this.
I’d love nothing better than to expand this and add rides in Tasmania and South Australia to the list.

Down Under Tour 2016 – I visit some the gold rush towns of the East coast states and examine the somewhat forgotten wild days when outlaws and bounty hunters roamed the land. Of course I also ride some of the best roads and visit plenty of nice pubs. This was one of the most enjoyable rides I have completed and is a good place to start if you are wondering where to tour if travelling to Australia from overseas.

New Zealand North Island 2016 – This for me also rates up as one of my best rides. Great scenery and roads every day as well as friendly people and the terrific Yamaha MT-09 to ride.

New Zealand North Island 2013 – The weather made things a little difficult but this still was a fantastic ride which made me realise the North Island is a gem even if the South island gets more press.

New Zealand South Island 2011 – I travelled to ride the South island with my regular ride buddy from Northern NSW and we had an amazing ride and terrific weather.

Thunderbolts and Oxley 2011 – A few days riding some of the best roads in NSW.

Easter tour 2010 – A few days riding the New England region of NSW.

Scorching hot tour 2010 – A much longer ride was converted to a mini tour when a heat wave hit.

Moto-GP East Coast tour 2007 – A two week ride on many of the best roads Brisbane to the Great Ocean Road and the Moto-GP. (images re-mastered 2017 and addition content added)

Kosciusko tour 2004 – This ride predates the blog and is only listed here. My first motorcycle tour is rather brief report I transferred over from a forum I had posted it to shortly after starting this blog. 

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