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Motorcycle Paradise

Out where the buses don’t run

Why is no one able to produce an action cam that takes decent still photos?

Recent action cams claim 12, 14 even 20 megapixel yet they struggle with any scene, smudge the details and wash out colours. Surely we are getting conned. I mean $600 for the latest action cam yet 3-4 year old phones blow them away for photo quality.

Even Nikon the famous photography name are now selling wearable Keymission 80 camera that produces lousy stills. I don’t get it, big company willing to tarnish it’s name on a $2 junk lens. Why not simply acquire the older phone sensor and lens and produce what would be class leading image quality. Shareholders in charge of product design? 

Maybe in this YouTube age I am loco en la cabeza for wanting to capture riding moments in still images, like the tv character referenced in the title.

Taken by iPhone 6 with glove removed by my teeth to operate.