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Japan Motorcycle Tour listing

As an alternative to the tile layout here is a conventional list of my motorcycle tours in Japan.


2018 Small Autumn motorcycle tour – with my favourite prefectures for autumn still recovering from floods I tour closer to home and realise there is much beauty there also.

2018 Big Japan Motorcycle Ride – I travel south in late Spring visiting some of my favourite prefectures and visiting the best viewpoints to see a beautiful side of Japan.

2017 Tsushima tour – I had been planning to take my bike to South Korea. I make it to Tsushima instead just 50km from Busan and a place rarely visited by Japanese.

2017 Islands of Japan Motorcycle Tour – In this 2 week tour I ride south during Spring eventually reaching Goto Islands using 10 ferries along the way.

2017 Tohoku Summer tour – I revisit some of the best roads in Tohoku and the amazing Neputa summer festival.

2016 Grand Motorcycle Tour of Japan – This is a 17 day ride that does an arc north and to the west before travelling south to Nagasaki to visit the abandoned ‘battleship island’.

2016 Hokkaido Motorcycle Tour – As the name suggests I ride north to Hokkaido but this ride also features some of the best sights in Tohoku as well and is another 2 week tour.

2016 Japan Summer Motorcycle Tour – A week of fine summer weather arrived and I rode a big loop route visiting some of the best roads and the nearby Japanese alps.

2016 Japan Inland Sea Motorcycle Tour – A ride at the end of winter visiting the area of Japan known as the inland sea – this tour was really special.

2015 Japan Autumn Motorcycle Tour – Southern Japan explodes in colour as I ride all the way to Kagoshima and return.

2015 Japan Tohoku Motorcycle Tour – A wonderful week of riding mountains to the north.

2015 Noto Peninsular Motorcycle Tour – A small tour in a spell of fine weather at the end of winter, lots of snow still around on this ride.

2014 Southern Japan Motorcycle Tour – A 10 day ride to the southern regions to enjoy the yellow and red colours of autumn.

2014 Small Northern Autumn ride – A four day ride focussing on the beautiful Fukushima prefecture which is is unfortunately associated with the disaster but that is only one small area.

2014 Mini Japan tour – A three day ride taking the long way when I moved from Nagoya to Yokohama.

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