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I have been thinking about and starting to plan a ride to South Korea. I can take my bike there from Japan on an overnight ferry. However what I just realised is from there I can take it on a overnight ferry to Russia. Perhaps not the place to be riding a FJR but that sure is something to think about…  


  1. Who knew there were ferries between Russia and Japan. You sir are a wealth of information.

    1. I'll go to South Korea but beyond there might remain just something I occasionally dream about as then it becomes a huge and expensive expedition.

  2. Hi Warren,

    Thanks for your continuing wonderful reports. For what it is worth, when I rode around South Korea, the hire shop was not searchable from Oz. I needed assistance from local residents whereupon I was able to hire a Hayabusa at a good rate and very reasonable conditions of a fortnight.

    One major word of warning however. The Koreans also do not do 'cheese'. Given how delicious and strong in flavour some of the fermented food is, why a good blue is not appreciated is a matter I am still attempting to fathom.

    Good luck.



    1. Thanks Mike, I have an idea forming to take my bike there by ferry rather than rent. Autumn ride.

      There is no 'deli' section in supermarkets here. You need to go to specialty store to try find what they call European foods. Australia being so multicultural had long adopted the foods from many countries that make up the population and I really miss that here. It is countered by the wonderful range of Japanese food of course yet some things are difficult to do without.
      I had a heap of cheese brought back from UK for me last month so I am spoilt while it lasts.


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