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Asia Motorcycle Ride List

Note: Japan has it’s own listing due to number of rides I have done there. 


2018 Indonesia – North Sumatra. The area around Lake Toba the home of the Batak people has long been somewhere I wanted to look at.

2018 Indonesia – Flores island. I had made some enquiries about one way rental Bali to Yogyakarta when I found I could also rent a bike on Flores.

2018 Nepal – I was not initially planning to ride Nepal but a great airfare and affordable bike rental made it attractive to me.

2018 Philippines – Luzon. 3rd time to attempt this loop ride of the highest roads in the Philippines and still some issues prevented me fully completing it but had a great time all the same.

2018 Sri Lanka – Having enjoyed India I decided to bring forward my idea to ride here and enjoyed the friendly people and tea plantations very much.

2018 Laos – The Black Dog ride club had been planning a ride from Thailand to Laos but border issues stopped it so I decided to go for a look myself and the scenery was amazing.

2018 Vietnam – I was planning to ride from bottom to top but unseasonal weather meant I converted this to a loop which in turn gave me a great look at Southern Vietnam.

2017 India – Himalaya ride. I finally got myself to India and rode the 3 highest passes in the world and saw the most spectacular scenery I have ever seen. Tough but the most amazing ride I have done.

2017 Taiwan - By any means. I wanted to ride Taiwan for years but there is no motorcycle rental for foreigners. Scooters however can be obtained so eventually I decided to ride by whatever means available to me.

2017 Thailand – Black dog adventure club. I love riding northern Thailand, it has the best roads so when I got an invite to join a group of riders on a non professional group tour it was perfect timing as I felt I should try be less of a solo rider.

2015 Borneo – Death March ride. I wanted to see Borneo Malaysia and explore the Pacific War history. 2nd attempt to go after illness sidelined me previously and my mate from the Philippines also joined the ride.

2015 Philippines – Bataan. Before travelling to Borneo I did a mini ride to explore the lesser known but just as tragic death march route in the Philippines with two good friends.

2015 Thailand – Two loonies ride. My good friend and ride partner from Australia had arranged to meet me in Chiang Mai to tour on some of the best roads.

2014 Indonesia – Volcano tour. If I mention I rode Indonesia everyone says ‘Oh Bali’, but no this ride was in East Java, the ‘real Indonesia’ as one local pointed out to me.

2014 Philippines – ‘It’s more fun in the Philippines’. Meeting my mate who retired to Philippines we rode around a number of locations and it was a real delight and somewhere I will ride more in the future.

2014 Thailand – Golden triangle tour. No luggage, no GPS which was in my lost baggage, broken camera. It was not the best start but turned into my best ride in Thailand by the time it was over.

2013 Malaysia – Highlands ride. I returned to ride more of Malaysia which is a great destination with good roads and fantastic food. A terrific motorcycle tour I wish I could repeat but no rentals now.

2013 Thailand – First motorcycle tour in northern Thailand. This was another big step after my Singapore ride and it really was so fantastic. Cannot think of a better place to go riding overseas than this. 

2013 Singapore/Malaysia – I had been wanting to start riding solo in Asia and rather than Thailand Malaysia was most attractive to me but hard to source a bike then I found a tour business in Singapore.

2012 Philippines – Cebu. This is was sort of a prelude to my solo rides in Asia I commenced in 2013. I was visiting my mate in the Philippines and talked him into doing a couple of days riding in the mountains on small bikes.

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