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Almost Famous

Now and again I see someone on social media referring to a ‘famous motorcycle vlogger’. Being curious I usually wander over to YouTube to hear what is being broadcast by these celebrated individuals. I wondered, do that many regular motorcyclists really watch ‘this is me riding my bike to the shop’ videos? Took me a while to realise the numbers reflect the much wider audience since YouTube is now content provider to many peoples lounge room TV’s via streaming. Virtual riding is very popular with couch potatoes, in particular with people who actually don’t ride but perhaps harbour a secret wish to.

As usual my timing is out for this. I used to be a video enthusiast for 15 years when I was younger. VHS-C, Hi-8, Mini-DV. I stopped because I never viewed the end result more than once, even when it was good. A bit like some directors never watch their own movies. But I enjoyed the process, I think it is more fun making video than still photography but I prefer only enjoy looking back at photos. 

So where am I going with this ramble? Well I sold my GoPro Hero 5 session the other day so guess I am destined to remain almost famous ha-ha. The Hero 5 Session was rather inconsistent. The start up time would vary wildly sometimes the moment had passed before it started to record, often it never recorded any stills at all and would require a factory reset. Besides using it on board I envisioned using the GoPro positioned away from me in some odd placement to take photos with different points of view using the smart phone app - but Hero 5 session’s wi-fi rarely worked. What the GoPro did achieve however was make me realise once and for all I cannot get the images I want while riding. I have taken many 100’s of photos from the saddle. Previously with the Polariod Cube and a small digital camera with proper screen (Malaysia tour) and now with the Hero 5 Session. I really need to stop and properly compose my photos. Getting this into my head hopefully means I will ride past less photo opportunities in the future.


  1. Nothing wrong with having to stop a little more often for pictures. Hubby didn't like his GoPro either as it seemed to be unreliable.

    He did just buy a 360˚Fly and is attempting to see how it goes. So far a bit more user friendly but the quality doesn't see to be there. Time will tell.

    1. My goal is to master the slow ride Brandy. To be stopping more and not feeling I need to skip anything or push on. I'd say I am half way there.


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