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Welcome to the new Motorcycle Paradise. After 11 years no matter how I reworked it the classic Blogger template to me looked dated. The transition to this 'responsive' style layout has been a bit of work but I am pleased with the end result. There remains a few things I still have to fix, notably the template for mobile devices which has a few bugs.

As part of this change I revisited many older posts and busied myself to fix up things like my best road lists and then delete lots of old dated posts so I think the blog is better all round now. I have introduced a new section, a blog within a blog. In recent years I posted less because I did not want to clutter the main page with small talk. This new area does not appear in the site newsfeed so I gives me a place to write the odd thing besides my ride reports that I have made the main focus.

The second big change is the blog now has it’s own domain. The new address is however any old links will redirect. I had thought about doing this years ago, I think the .com domain when I first looked at it was not expensive but I thought at the time this is just a hobby so no need for that. Now I see that domain is over $6000 so I should have got it when it was $20. But I could write a book of the things I should have done.

I made the change now primarily should I want to relocate the site data in the future. The blog is still hosted with Google using Blogger but Google have a history of shutting down platforms that do not meet their earning expectations. Things like their RSS reader and Picasa image editor to mention just a couple were wildly popular with user numbers other companies would dream of but despite that they are history now. I always used to activate Google advertisements on the blog not to make any money but to keep Google happy. Now I am not saying anything is going to happen but it is cheap enough to have an each way bet with the domain just in case.

All the revisiting of my old posts really had me home sick the last ten days or so I have spent working on the blog. My upcoming motorcycle tour here cannot arrive soon enough. Can’t help wondering if I have another entry for that aforementioned book of things I should have done. But as that bloke Socrates said, ‘The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new’. I think that gets harder as we get older.



  1. An nice new look, but I did have a hard time finding the new post. Could just be a learning curve though.

    1. Yes it is a big departure from the chronological style blog templates. Time will tell I guess.


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