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Motorcycle Paradise

Motorcycling Writers I follow


Some good reading on these blogs

At the Handlebars - Australian Motorcycle Diaries - Bandit RiderBike tech 7

Confessions of an Ageing Motorcyclist - Experimental Ghost - Find me on the road

 Flies in your teeth - Fuzzy GaloreGaijin Bikers in JapanGirl on a Beemer

Lady on Motorbike - Motorcycle MeandersMoto JapanMoto Mania

On Her BikeOn the Run - Orsons Travel Blog - On The Back Wheel - One Steph Beyond

Riding on a VStarSarawak Adventure Rider - Tales from the roadTwo Wheel Obsession

Tarsnakes - The Church of the Open Road Press - The Road to Nowhere

 Tombstones Travels - Trobairitz' Tablet - Wildbad touring - Zed14

Many more great blogs out there I am still discovering and will add as I think of it.

Some of my riding was inspired by Sarawak Adventure Rider and Orson’s travel blog, the later is no longer being maintained so read it before the photos are broken.


Some of the most epic ride reports I have read were on the ADV Forum.

Three favourites from there are:

Ride for Smiles 

Sheldon is from my former home riding region and after a horrific car accident where he literally died and came back he decides with his 2nd chance at life to see how far he might ride a motorbike. This report takes a long time to hit its stride and you need to scroll past a lot of ‘too aussie’ banter however it builds into one amazing journey visiting every continent on earth.

Around the world in 800 days / Ed-Venn-Ture the next 800 days

This is a five year round the world ride which ran at similar time to Sheldon’s above so I was enjoying to read both each week. It starts out with wine and hotels but then shifts gear to a very different type of journey as Ed evolves and continuously pushes boundaries sleeping rough in dangerous places as well as tales of romance in what is a grand journey.

Angola, its not like they said

The ride reports above take months to read, this one is easy to enjoy in one sitting. Starts off as a bit of a lark but develops into a seriously dangerous edge of the seat story. If you only read one ride report on a forum make it this one.


I don’t come across too much video blogging that I can watch for long. Making enjoyable video is not as simple as buying a GoPro. 

Long time ago I was a video enthusiast. I moved from a SLR (film) to video for about 10 years using the VHS-C, Hi8 and Mini DV formats. I stopped not because of the amount of time needed to shoot multiple points of view or the lengthy editing process but rather because I never viewed the finished product more than once.

Here are a few video bloggers I enjoy.

C90 Adventures

Wildbad Touring

Stories of Bike

The way of the motorcycle


I used to find this guy abrasive and overbearing on forums which hastened my exit from reading them much to my benefit. Still often very negative but also the last person in motorcycle journalism writing thought provoking articles in a sea of press releases.

Boris Mihailovic

Lots of intrepid riders come and go on Facebook, always nice to follow someone on their current adventure. I previously enjoyed following Rhys Lawleys round the world ride and now this young bloke who has youthful enthusiasm leaping off the page!

Ben King on the road

Peter has taken his FJR all over Australia and Europe. 

An Aussie FJR on tour

Other sites I frequent

Motorcycle Diaries – excellent best roads listing for Europe which has many road trip stories from riders to get you motivated to ride there.

Horizons Unlimited – the overlanding web site. I keep playing with the idea of a RTW ride, but feel I can see what I want fly/ride.


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