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Below are links to the blog archives of all my best motorcycle roads in Australia posts.

Writing about the best roads is why I initially started this blog. I had already tried via a ‘home page’ in the 90’s but it wasn’t until blogging and digital cameras arrived that I had the right tools.

Now there are lots of where to ride information online and even books that have been written so for the moment I am not updating this content – however road infrastructure in Australia is static so what was good then remains so today.


The Australia wide archive is located HERE with maps, photos and links to all my articles.

Gold Coast and Northern NSW archive (bit more detailed than the Australian one) is located HERE

Brisbane region with focus to the North and West is located HERE

A selection of my older one day ride reports in the South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales region is HERE (these might look dated by now)


A draft map of the best motorcycle roads in Thailand is HERE 

My everything about riding Japan with best roads map is HERE

A draft map of the best roads to ride in New Zealand can be found HERE


  1. Hey Warren, we just spent a long (4 day) weekend touring down Bombala way from Sydney. Used your map as my primary resource for route choice. We did the coast road through Bermagui, Brown Mountain, Monaro Hwy, Delegate and back, Imlay Rd, Monaro to Cann River, back to Bombala, then Cathcart-Mt Darragh-Bega. Currently sitting in Namoora golf club drinking beer after best day riding ever. Your blog is a terrific resource, you deserve an award for creating it. I love your stories of your international rides too. Thanks so much for putting it together and for assisting so much with East Coast route planning.

    Gary and Joanne

    1. Hey guys, you're welcome. That sounds like a top ride indeed. Wish I was there :)


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