The road from Bombala to Orbost is one of the best rides in the country in my opinion.
Sweeping grand high plains road, a little bit of gravel then 105km of non stop corners down to Orbost. Bombala is a destination in itself, great history and affordable pubs and of course the major bike show of the country held there every year.

To the ride itself, the short gravel section is very easy and then you have a mixture of road surface. If you have your suspension set compliant for ‘aussie roads’ not the race track then you should never be bothered. I have read sports bike riders saying it was bumpy but frankly that’s nonsense, set you bike suspension for touring.

Australian high country scenery is spectacular. A must ride road.



  1. Looking forward to hearing about the ride when it happens. Two-wheeled rides rock!

  2. Hey Chef,
    You'll love this! (The Bonang Road) Rode it last December, over a 100ks of twisties, just magic! Best road I've ridden so far