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Europe Alps tour

Six years since I did the ride in the Europe alps. I just revisited the post and saw how crappy the photos had been all limited to low resolution. Fortunately I still have all the photos from that ride archived and so just updated them to high resolution versions as well as adding quite a few more never posted originally. Added a little extra text too so now it actually looks how it should have - and only took me 6 years!. If this endless freezing rain continues here who knows what else I may get around to fixing on this blog.

Europe Alps Ride link



  1. Just revisited your post. Since moving back from Canada in 2013 I have been revisiting the Alps a few times. While I really like riding in the mountains for the vistas and scenery I am not too obsessed with hairpin turns (well I ride a little cruiser, so working the twisties can be hard work...). Like you I prefer cruiser territory with nice sweepers, and steady speed.

    1. Ah so it is not just me that struggles on those hairpin corners :) Beautiful part of the world though and I will revisit again in the future some time for sure.


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