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Motorcycle Paradise

Japan four seasons

Japan is very proud of having four distinctive seasons. I however wish there was only three seasons because I find the harsh winter very difficult coming from the sub tropics in Australia where winter is only a month of mild 20 degree days before things heat back up.

My motorcycle was packed away come December and I probably won't be riding it until April. So begins the period where I went a little stir crazy last year. I have started to refresh the blog. Taking it into a more widescreen mode and trying to increase the photo thumbnails size however as I go back in time the thumbnails are smaller and stretching them ends up blurry. Windows live writer has died seemingly for good and the replacement open source version is not working yet so the rest of the blog refresh and repair work has been suspended.

Guess that means I have no excuse to not go oil the deck or other non motorcycle related tasks.

Well until normal transmissions resumes here is a nice video of what I would rather be doing courtesy of Yamaha. (p.s. best watch it on YouTube not in this small window)


  1. Love the new Header pic Warren. Nice vid too!

    1. Thanks Steve, I started wondering why I left the blog in the old format so long but bandwidth has not been so generous in the past. Trying to replace some of the older photos with larger versions but gets difficult the further I work backwards.

  2. Awesome video! Beautiful bike, love the color and the frame work!

  3. Lovely video this! I wish if I can enjoy this ride!!!


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