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I am back riding.

I started the FJR first time in 3 months and took a small ride of about 20km to the end of the peninsular where I am living and found an island with a lovely park. I could make out Mt Fuji in the distance obscured somewhat by the sun behind but it would be an impressive view on a clear morning.

I must say my recent injury has really taken the wind from my sails. I suddenly feel my age and lost a lot of confidence and feel a little foolish. However I am going to try move forward and attempt to do my big dream ride on the Versys 650 I have sitting in a farm shed in Ireland. This is a gamble considering it could take twelve months to fully heal but to put this off then means the bike insurance, rego and green card money all wasted as well I will need to pay storage on the bike for the year. It then starts looking less economical to do this buy and sell thing instead of renting which while not cheap  means you eliminate the really expensive things like ferries to Norway or Spain from the UK and elsewhere. Also removed are the ‘transit’ days riding long distance between the places you want to ride and the associated hotels, food, fuel, and eventually the replacement of tyres and servicing which would crop up on a lap of Europe also.

Best I try now before I lose the motivation.



  1. Glad you are feeling better and back on two wheels.

  2. Glad you are back riding again. Here's to your dream! I'm tuned in.

  3. IC, glad to hear that you are getting back on the horse that kicked you. A question, what is the name of the road on your page.

    1. Thanks :) The header photo is part of the Venus Line in Nagano Japan.


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