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Australia’s Best Motorcycle Roads

Revised 2018

Some of the content here is now old however road infrastructure does not change in Australia. You don’t need to have up to the minute reporting to know where the best roads are since they remain the same.   

Below is one of my better ride photos but alas not all my photos have aged so well so bear all this in mind. Ok now to the roads.


Below is a country wide map. To get the most out of it click the { } button on the right upper corner to open in new window. Then you can access the list of road names and select a road and have it highlighted on the map to see where it it located. (Roads in SA and TAS courtesy of friend in former bike club I belonged to, additional content 2018 thanks to Gary Andrew)

Visitors to Australia

If you are thinking to visit Australia and want to enjoy some riding as well as a holiday then there are many options. If looking to ride from one base location day rides then the Gold Coast or Brisbane springs to mind as there is no big city traffic to escape and you can be on good riding roads in 20 minutes from your hotel while also having the beaches and theme parks for the family or significant other.

If looking to tour then whatever you do please avoid the Pacific Highway which is nothing like the one on west coast of USA but rather a horrible concrete interstate – you will see nothing. Also the main highways across the middle of the country like Darwin to Adelaide are stone dead boring, 1000’s of km of nothingness, I read many people do these type of road trips and leave disappointed.

Take a look at my tour to get an idea of the rich history and terrific sights that can be explored.

Below are some of my posts about best roads. Some of this is old but infrastructure doesn’t change in Aus, the Oxley is still the best, all the other roads are still great now as they were when published. I first started writing about best roads to ride in the mid 90’s on ‘home pages’ It was too soon, film and dial up modems. Later books like the top 50 rides came out and I thought no need to post such info anymore however continuing emails asking advice where to ride prompted me to start this blog in 2006 and transfer the old articles over -  that’s why you will find images of bikes from the 90’s in places. Recently writing about good motorcycle roads has become popular again! I am surprised but delighted, perhaps I will refresh this when I get back to Australia.

A selection from the blog covering east coast of Australia

Alpine Way, NSW - Batlow Road , NSW - Beechmont Mountain, QLD - Bells Line of Road, NSW - Bonang Road, NSW-VIC - Brown Mountain, NSW - Bruxner Highway, NSW - Bucketts Way, NSW - Bulahdelah, NSW - Bunya Mountain, QLD - Burringbah range (Tweed valley way) NSW - Bylong valley Way, NSW - Comboyne Road, NSW - Currumbin QLD-NSW - Falls Creek, VIC - Four Mountains, NSW - Gillies Highway, QLD - Grafton-Armidale Road, NSW - Great Alpine Road, VIC - Great Ocean Road, VIC - Gwydir Highway, NSW - Kangaroo Valley, NSWKenilworth, QLD - Kings Highway, NSW - Kyogle to Murwillumbah road NSW (via Uki) - Lions Road QLD-NSW - Lithgow-Harden, NSWMaleny, QLD - Mansfield to Whitfield Road, VIC - Mount Glorious (Mount Nebo), QLD - Mount Lindsey, QLD - Mount Mee, QLD - Murray River Road, VIC - Murray Valley Highway, VIC - Nerang – Muwillumbah road QLD - Numinbah Valley, QLD - O’Reilly’s, QLD - Oxley Highway, NSW - Putty Road, NSW - Queen Mary Falls, QLD - Sapphire Coast Road, NSW - Snowy Mountain Highway, NSW - Sofola and Hill End road, NSW - Springbrook Mountain, QLD - Summerland Way, NSW - Tablelands Way, NSW - Thunderbolts Way, NSW - Towonga Gap (and alpine national park), VIC - Ulong, NSW - Victoria High Country roads, VIC - Warrumbungles way, NSW - Waterfall Way, NSW - Wee Jasper, NSW - Wisemans Ferry and Wollombi, NSW - Wyangala, NSW - Yarra Ranges, VIC

For more of the good roads in the Brisbane area look here

For more of roads from Gold Coast south to Ballina west to Texas look here.

This is same list as above with images making for easier navigation.

Alpine Way, NSW

Batlow Road , NSW

Batlow Road, NSw

Beechmont Mountain QLD


Bells Line of Road, NSW

Bonang Road, NSW-VIC (Updated)

Brown Mountain, NSW

Bruxner Highway, NSW

Bucketts Way, NSW

Bulahdelah, NSW

Bunya Mountain, QLD


Burringbah range (Tweed valley way) NSW


Bylong valley Way, NSW (updated)

Comboyne Road, NSW


Currumbin QLD-NSW


Falls Creek, VIC
falls crk rd

Four Mountains, NSW (updated)

Gillies Highway, QLD

Grafton-Armidale Road, NSW

Great Alpine Road, VIC

Great Ocean Road, VIC

Gwydir Highway, NSW

Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Kenilworth, QLD


Kings Highway, NSW

Kyogle to Murwillumbah road NSW (via Uki)


Lions Road QLD-NSW


Lithgow-Harden, NSW

Maleny, QLD


Mansfield to Whitfield Road, VIC

Mount Glorious (Mount Nebo), QLD


Mount Lindsey, QLD


Mount Mee, QLD


Murray River Road, VIC

Murray Valley Highway, VIC

Nerang – Muwillumbah road QLD


Numinbah Valley, QLD


O’Reilly’s, QLD


Oxley Highway, NSW
oxley 1

Putty Road, NSW

Queen Mary Falls, QLD

Sapphire Coast Road, NSW (updated)


Snowy Mountain Highway, NSW

Sofola and Hill End road, NSW (updated)


Springbrook Mountain, QLD


Summerland Way, NSW


Tablelands Way, NSW (Updated)

Thunderbolts Way, NSW

Towonga Gap (and alpine national park), VIC


Ulong, NSW


Victoria High Country roads, VIC

Warrumbungles way, NSW


Waterfall Way, NSW

Wee Jasper, NSW (updated)


Wisemans Ferry and Wollombi, NSW

Wyangala, NSW


Yarra Ranges, VIC (updated)



  1. Good job! Now I know what to do over winter... reading up on your trips ;-) Thank you!

  2. What an excellent detailed notes. Being new to Australia and adherent fan of riding i would pick up your notes and go by it blindly. Heap Thanks!

  3. woow

    I hope to live there (NSW) in a few months
    Get a bobber, scrambler or cafe racer and hit that roads

  4. Warren, Just wanted to thank you for your wealth of information. For those of you reading this, I was charged with the project of organising a bike tour from Brisbane to Sydney over 3.5 days for senior execs from Germany. For someone with limited experience with bikes and minimal knowledge of the best routes, Warren's blog and personal contact helped me to plan an awesome trip with really great biking roads. Keep up the great work Warren, I'll be looking forward to some Aussie updates when you return and I'm sure I'll have some new projects in the future! Regards Katie

    1. Thanks Katie, nice to hear it went well. I am on tour now and have lots of new Aussie content to add in future.

  5. Great Work Warren! I've enjoyed reading every bit of your blog each time. It's inspired me and I've followed your routes and done the Northern Thailand region myself.
    Looking at your map, I've noticed Omeo Hwy in Victoria hasn't been done. Not sure if you've gone through there or not, but I highly recommend you that section of road from Tallangatta to Omeo. I can confirm that section of road is completely sealled now and is stunning!
    I'd recommend Vietnam as well if you haven't done it yet. I did the Top Gear trip which is quite popular now. Flamingo Motorcycles Rentals do One way bike hire from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, which is great so that you don't have to return back.
    Keep up the great work!
    It's a joy to read!

    1. Hi Takuma, thanks for kind words. I was going to ride Omeo recently but rain forced me to cancel.
      I am back in Thailand now with a group of guys trying to no be solo traveling so much.
      I am looking at Vietnam. Maybe a loop from Da Nang in the future as a start.
      Thanks Warren

  6. Hey Warren, I’m Gary, husband of Ladyonmotorbike. I posted this elsewhere but you may not have seen it: We use your Best Motorcycle rides Australia Google map quite a lot, it’s very useful. Is there some way we could add rides to it as we discover them? A couple of examples from just this weekend are Turondale Road (an alternative route between Hill End and Bathurst) and Spring Ridge Road close to Gulgong, which broke up an otherwise boring ride to Dubbo. Both are sealed roads with reasonable surfaces.

    1. Hi Gary, it would be great to have the best roads info updated. There seems a renewed interest in motorcycle touring in Australia recently but I am unable to get back home for a while yet. Please contact me via so I can get you access.


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