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Shoe Shift Guard review

If you have ever done some riding in street shoes then you will know they will soon be marked by the gear shifter when you shift up. Ok not the best footwear for riding however there are times when you might be travelling overseas and rent a bike for a day with helmet and jacket but nothing other than your existing footwear.

This situation happened to me then it made someone in my family mad because I had badly marked a perfectly nice pair of shoes that were a birthday gift…


I came across this bit of kit which takes up no space at all but will stop shifter marks on shoes. It is made by Rough and Road a large Japanese rider gear brand. It attaches by velcro with a small clip that attaches to your shoe lace and holds the guard in place (see photo). Without this done up it will soon move and fall off so if you think you could use something like this then get one with the clip.


I read some people online ridicule this sort of thing. Men who live alone in a cave I guess have no need for such nonsense or men with limited life experiences who can only see motorcycling as a macho activity. Australia is full of both these types haha but I am sure people in the rest of the world who look at things from a practical nature might have thought something like this would be handy at some point.

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