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Renting a big bike in Malaysia

Seems my rides in Malaysia are popular and people continue to ask where to rent a big bike in Kuala Lumpur.

One answer is The Big Bike Shop in Puchong. I have rented there and they are good guys. They have a variety of rentals, helmets and jackets too. I took a Kawasaki ER6N pictured here.


Unfortunately their web site still seems to be offline. Jump on Facebook where you can find them and send a message.

Update – I have been contacted by another shop in Kuala Lumpur, Klez Bike who rent Harley Davidsons one of which being a XR1200 which would be quite nice machine to ride in the Cameron Highlands and they also have a Kawasaki ZX800.

You can find the great roads in Malaysia on my ride report and also check my ride from Singapore to Malaysia as well.