This is one of those roads I always seem to skip. Not cause it isn’t good but because it is competing with  other routes.

From Grafton I am always tempted to ride the Armidale road via Ebor, this is a superb ride and leads me to the Waterfall way or I ride the Orara way south to then be able to ascend the Dorrigo mountain and again the Waterfall way.  But this is a great ride in it’s own right.

From Jackadgery you follow the river to the base of the range in a very scenic valley. Now you will climb all the way to the tablelands high country on what is a truly excellent piece of road.

Up the top you will then ride in a dense tall tree forest and here is the most fantastic views at a place called Raspberry lookout. Its just a short way off the road.

Now continue on and the road opens up and you will see the vegetation totally change as you enter the high plains. Soon you will come to the historical town of Glen Elpin and then after this it mostly straight road to Glen Innes.

I have removed the original post as it was too old, please open the map full screen to view listing of all roads.



  1. Agree with you that this is a great piece of road.
    I’ve ridden it twice as part of a 3 day trip. The first time was with my wife, new rider on her SV650.
    It was raining heavily and we were in the clouds as well with visibilty down to about 20 metres.
    Made it though, and the wife is still riding.
    The second time was in dry conditions and when we got to the top of the range we were keen to head down and come back up again.
    Great piece of road.
    Cheers Peter

  2. Mountains in the rain are miserable places on a motorcycle. I was in similar weather last time riding over Nymboida. Worst I have experienced was climbing Brown Mountain from Bega where conditions were so bad I could only see by raising visor and looking down to see edge of road riding at about 15kph. With the rain and mist also stinging my eyes to make them watery and was hard going however it was very late so I had to ride on. or be riding in darkness as well.

  3. Rode the Gwyder a few times now, sometimes dry and sometimes extremely wet…every time was wicked fun.

    Rain just adds that bit of extra fun but watch for diesel around that switchback.