Sorry but I have decided to retire the old list. The Google map below shows everything for the region. This sort of thing was not available when I first compiled a list of good roads for a Sunday ride so I had separate articles with small maps from various sources and instructions how to get to places which are all obsolete now. 

You can still view all the ‘good local roads’ in the section of the menu called The Vault – they have new photos and have been edited.  

I leave this page here for now as a landing pad from external links while I update the rest of the site.

My original description for riding this area still applies.

In my 20 years of riding South East QLD I came to best like the area on either side of the border with NSW. The Gold Coast hinterland and just over the border. The area from there south to Byron bay and inland to Kyogle is full of enjoyable riding roads. Low traffic, interesting vistas that vary from the ocean to mountains, rainforests to Tuscan like rolling hills with row upon row of macadamia trees and even world heritage listed areas. There is some great cafes and pubs who are biker friendly and you will find yourself in a peaceful area.


  1. Im glad I found this as I was hoping to ride around up north in the nead future. Cheers

  2. Chris and Chrissy Harris

    Hi we have just moved down to the gold coast from Mackay . We are looking for any groups that do regular rides at least every 2 weeks. Or give a few suggestions off good places to go for a ride thanks

  3. Hi Chris and Chrissy, you are going to love riding all the roads of the gold coast hinterland and over the border, it is the best riding in the country.

    There is an excellent riding club called Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Gold Coast, look on Facebook.

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