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Honda CB1100 long term update and info summary


(Further update below)

The new CB1100 is now a global model and no doubt that will bring many new sites with lots of information about it but in the mean time here is a summary from the CB1100 Facebook community page that I have run the last couple of years. I want to summarise the Facebook page since all older posts and therefore the bulk of information shared there is simply lost as it does not appear in a web search nor to new users of the page.

First up some frequently asked questions.

CB1100 FAQ

What accessories can I get for the new CB1100? – There is a wide range of factory accessories that people seem not to be aware of. I will post some of the Honda factory accessories catalogue below for people to get an idea. I actually scanned and posted the entire book but Facebook has somehow deleted all but a few pages. Do a search or look on Honda Japan web site.



Where can I obtain aftermarket parts from? – From Japan is perhaps best option at the time of this post, I expect that will soon change as the model goes on sale in Europe and USA. Shops like Rakuten will ship international. If you search the factory part number in Google a list of shops with the item will appear. There are freight forwarders in Japan just like everywhere else in the world in these days of global online shopping so if you take a bit of time it is not hard.

Is there hard luggage released for the CB1100? Yes, top boxes and side panniers both available in Japan.

Where can I get a screen or bikini fairing for my CB1100? – There is a wide selection of bikini fairings being produced for the bike in Japan. If you like the 70’s look then you can recreate this. Also simple screens are also available


Where can I get workshop manual? - English manual is available from Honda, part number is 62MGC00

What is fuel range? - About 240km useable range. I have seen this on number of occasions having had the reserve flashing since 200km and when fuelling had 2 litres left in tank. That will drop with spirited use of throttle.

Who sells the old CB750 style parts for the new CB1100? – Whitehouse Japan.


What is performance like? – In a word ‘ample’. But if your focused on motorcycle performance figures then perhaps not the right motorcycle for you.

What tyres are best on the new CB1100? – always a subjective thing tyres. I like the Bridgestone Battlax BT45 I have now fitted. The original Dunlops were vague, but I feel that way about all Dunlops.


What model oil filter will fit? – Takes same filter as CBR600 – there is heaps of choices, search Google then jot down number and head down to your local auto shop.


What aftermarket exhausts are available for the CB1100? -Yoshimura make a 4-2 system, and aftermarket mufflers are made by them and Moriwaki and Mugen. Note the factory system has a interactive exhaust valve.


Where can I get a 4 into 4 exhaust for my CB1100? Mine was custom made by Pipemasters in Brisbane Australia. In Japan there is a aftermarket 4-4 system made by Endurance.


I’m 6’ how will I go comfort wise? – Yes you may want the higher seat that is available from Honda. It is factory part. I too am 6’ and rode with the lower seat for some time however the higher seat really makes it more comfortable for people with longer legs.


Can I lower the pegs instead? – Yes anything is possible but the pegs are already lowered so further would reduce ground clearance too much. For comfort with long legs a higher seat is the better option.

Is there other seats available? Yes if you want to spend big then Kanda make some beautiful seats or you can simple ask in your local area if you want to reupholster.


Can I raise or lower the bars? – The bars sit comfortably to tall riders but you could fit a different bend of bars or change the bar risers easy. The CB1100 has rubber mounted bar risers to reduce vibrations so keep this in mind.

Is there a pillion grab rail for the new CB1100? – Yes a nice factory item is available from Honda, I just installed one for the looks alone.


Where do I get the chrome instruments pods for the new CB1100? – These are a another of the many factory accessories.


When is the CB1100 released in North America? – Now – 2013.

Well that is a bit of a summary of the most often asked questions on the Facebook page. I have stepped away from Facebook completely for my personal use and now I will be extending that to the two community pages I admin there including the CB1100 page to refocus on here where information shared can be easy found by others.

And now my thoughts on the CB1100 after a reasonable length of ownership. First my gripes - I think Honda should have released with the high seat as standard and made the lower seat an option – really going about it the wrong way as it stands. Also I wish ABS had been made available here as an option – but I understand that would have pushed up the price on what originally was a very low volume almost boutique import model. I know here riders have a dislike of ABS which is really stupid given I have seen a number of accidents that were caused by brake lockup, I hope we might catch up with our thinking on this as it can save lives. 

OK now my long term thoughts. The nature of the bike is something I really enjoy. The totally benign handling and smooth power delivery means you can just enjoy the ride. That engine has a character about it that just brings a smile to my face when riding, big lazy revs four that has smooth drive from low and then winds up to deliver a satisfying upper rpm push. I’ve had twins, triples, a V4 and peaky high powered inlines but this style is really the pick of the bunch for me.

Be aware if you change the exhaust it will soften the lower rpm drive a little.The factory muffler has a interactive valve. I had to quieten my 4 to 4 down just to make it something to live with but in doing so my lower rpm response firmed back up and I was lucky to find the sweet spot where it is now.

There is no handling issue with the conventional twin shock suspension and 18” wheels – both work fine and the handling is neutral and confidence inspiring, pay no heed to idiots on the net that cannot get there head around the fact you don’t need the latest crotch rocket and chewing gum soft tyres to enjoy a quick dash on a curvy road – they simply have no riding skills. If you wanted to the bike can be ridden fairly spiritedly however that is not the most rewarding way to ride this bike.

The fit and finish are really good, the paint and chrome plating are of a high quality.  Riders on others brands seem collectively to bad mouth Honda, I don’t know why, it makes no sense, but then so much of what you read doesn't either. I don’t understand the ‘haters’ and their stream of misinformation into public online areas.

It’s arguably a very attractive motorcycle if you like the era it pays homage to. I get a lot of comments and questions whenever I ride it, people ask what year it is and are surprised to hear it is a recent model, so I would say Honda have done a good job to capture the look.

For me the CB1100 is for the most part an enjoyable ride, however it is made for the rider who has advanced in their riding mindset. I have no idea what horsepower it actually has - nor any of the other motorcycles I have rented when travelling in recent years. I don’t seek to get through a corner as fast as possible – actually I want to maximise the defy gravity joy of riding a motorcycle thus strive for a balance between less pace that still delivers a satisfying lean. If your over the stage of needing to prove something to others then you would not be disappointed riding one.

Final update October 2013: Ok I have now nearly 3 years on the bike and while I still like it there is two things that I think are not as good as they should be. The main item is the comfort which is either the rear shocks not being valved correctly or the springs being bit too stiff for solo riding on bumpy roads. The other item is the fuel range which like the comfort is ok for day trips but if you want to do any touring then the low range starts to be a problem in rural Australia. I have sold the bike now as I am moving overseas.


  1. Thanks for posting the review and as a fellow owner I share your view. I am a bit shorter than you and so I've found the seat height just right. I even changed the handlebars to a lower one and now it rides just right.

    I reckon you hit the nail on the head about how the bike is not really for thrill seekers. Its more about riding within your skills and 'hang' in the corners.

    I am still wondering where to get the workshop manual from tho. Tried to look for the part number but no luck.....

    Again thanks for sharing your adventures on the CB.

  2. I've ordered a CB1100 here in the US (I live in Oregon). I'd like to install the seat you currently have on ours, but the Honda Japan site does not list it, and the Mugen Japan site will not send catalogues out of the country. Do you have another source for this seat? I found; the list a Daytona Cozy seat; is this the same unit you receivedmarketed under a different name? Thanks for your help. Hans

  3. The seat is on the Honda Japan site but perhaps not so easy to find. This is link If you click on my scan above of page with seat then you can see the two part numbers, (the more expensive is leather option) now type the part number into google and it will bring up lots of results for sale of the seat.

    I have the vinyl version and it looks great but is quite firm. The Kanda seat I think would be much better padded so if you were considering the leather option then that would be up near the price of Kanda and maybe worth thinking about.

  4. Thanks; I have entered (Zero)SK-ZX-MGC07 into the search function on that page, but get a 'no result' eyesight is not what it used to be; perhaps I've entered the wrong numbers? Or it may be that these seats are discontinued? If so, I will talk to KandA. Thanks for your help! Hans

  5. I just did search and Google returned many pages of matches and the retailer Ratkuten I mentioned above in my post also still listing them. All the sites are in Japan so if you are somehow limiting your search then nothing is likely to show.

  6. Thanks; I just got it to work too. I appreciate the time you took to help.

  7. That's a great review. I'm thinking of getting one for myself because a) they look great, and b) I have a K2 CB750 in the shed and it's very hard work.

    I'd like to know if you ever take a passanger with you - how's the back seat on it, do you notice much of a drop in the gruntyness, and do you ever take much gear on it? I don't have a car, so I'm thinking this would be my #1 vehicle.


  8. I have not taken anyone pillion however the bike will pull clean from low revs with decent torque and is not a peaky four so would in my opinion handle extra weight no problem. On the seat however it might depend on the individual. Neither the low or high seat are well padded in my opinion however I suffer some lower back problems so maybe not a good judge, neither are terrible, just your typical factory seat. Try it first and if not good enough getting a seat re-padded is only couple of hundred so hardly a show stopper.

  9. only just found your site ... i've a white 2010 with a yoshimura pipe (beautiful) ...thanks for all the info ... i take my wife pillion regularly handles her easily .... wondering if you know anything about the injection setup as i don't want to damage anything with the new pipe on ..

  10. also i have been looking for a badge/ decal for the side covers ... any ideas ?

  11. Hi Dave, I don't know much about the injection however from experience with my 4:4 system if you drop too much back pressure the low rpm throttle response will soften.

    As for badges Whitehouse in Japan (link in main article) have some.

  12. Thanks for the review. Certainly the badmouthing I see on many American sites are the Honda 'haters'. But then, all brands have haters ( I can say that Harleys are my nemesis).

    I've never been able to find a bike to replace my old 750 Nighthawk, but this might be the one. I just have to convince the future wife.

  13. Good site, thanks for the info. I own 1975 CB750 and 1978 CB550, can't wait to get the 1100. I live in Texas and they are not here yet. Do you know when other colors besides red will be available.

  14. Took delivery on 3/20 and now broke in at 888 miles. Anyone know if us model is speed limited?
    No matter if 4 or 5 gear at 115 mph (7200 rpm in 5th gear) the motor feels like a limiter kicks in. Is this limiter on all bikes? How do you unplug it?

  15. Not aware of limiter, have had mine to redline no problems.

  16. Just taken delivery in the UK, love the bike but I'm over 6ft and the higher seat is my next purchase.

  17. ive had my cb1100 2010 brand new for 6,500 klm now. no probs, handles well. most of my riding is 2 up with the misses and the bike handles great. recently i took it on the dirt from wisemans to st. albans and i had to slow it up to avoid running into other bigger and "better handling" bikes. the bigger seat is only 50 klm better on the butt than the slim seat though but seems to catch the eye of others. power wise it has enough in the 3500-5000 rev range to challenge any hill in comfort. its my 6th brand new bike over 30 years and very happy with it

  18. Just received my new 2013 CB1100, and want to go the 4 into 4 exhaust route. Has anybody got details on the Endurance pipes in Japan? how to contact them etc?

  19. Endurance parts here

  20. Dear Mr. Iron Chef,

    thanks so much for putting this information together.

    I had the pleasure to ride the new CB 1100f locally, and have my deposit in. To me,
    the bike is incredibly relaxed, "leisurely" as the Honda introduction said, and
    extraordinarily comfortable.

    As I have an RC51 [previously R1, 916, Hawk 650GT], I don't feel a particular need
    for speed or derring do on the bike.

    The CB 1100f fits the bill wonderfully. And it will look quite nice next to my GB 500.

    I note that you've gone with the Bridgestone Battlax BT45's. A bias ply, dual compound tire. Wondering what it does to the handling and straight line
    stability at [higher] speed? What other tires did you consider?

    Does your bike now drop into the turns with a bit more alacrity, or handle about
    the same?

    One thing that I noticed on my short ride was a bit jitteriness over ripples in
    the road. I anticipate that I may be redoing the forks with Gold Valves and / or
    upgrading the rear shock to have the precise response that I'd like.

    Interesting what may happen with the exhausts now that it has been introduced
    in the US.

    Be that as it may, the bike may well just stay stock.

    A gorgeous bike, and a wonderful riding experience. Might just be the ticket since
    I'm getting close to 70 and no longer bother with track days.

    thanks again,


  21. Hi Mike,

    The BT45 are better feel than the dunlops which are bit vague and I would suggest maybe hold off on your valving until changing tyres. I first sampled the bike with Bridgestones fitted in Japan before I purchased mine so knew they worked better on the bike.

    Your more keen than me Mike, I quit track days in my 20's and quit sports bikes in my 30's to go off road before injuries made me quit that. Then I discovered motorcycle touring and started riding for only myself and never looked back.

    Hope you enjoy you riding, regards, Warren

  22. I have been looking at a retro bike and while the Bonneville T100 had it in the bag for awhile, this new CB1100 might be the one, especially with the higher seat option.

    I am 6' 4" so any bike feels uncomfortable to me. Can you tell me what the seat-to-peg distance is on the Honda, with the higher seat? Thanks.

  23. Hello, i'm a "short legs" frenchie biker and looking for an standard aussie low seat(775mm) Honda part: 77200-mgc-003.
    In europe like usa, the cb1100 is sell with a standard higher seat (795mm) Honda part: 77200-mgc-d31za.
    If some aussie has customise his bike with another seat and is ready to sell a good price his original Honda seat, i'm your man.
    Or if a "great" aussie want to exchange his seat with a"short" frenchie, it's ok for me.

    1. It's ok, i bought a used one on eBay australia.
      If an aussie want a new higher (795mm) US/Europe original Honda seat (with piping), send me a pm at the upper adress.
      French biker's regards,

  24. Chrome sidecovers. A comment has been lost but to the person who asked where I got them - they were a factory option at launch so I purchased from Honda.

  25. Has anyone had problems with their CB100 surging at constant speeds? I've been told its because its running lean but there's nothing that can be done. That's from the Honda Dealer that serviced it. It was fine prior to the service. Any thoughts.?

    1. Only time I have had a fuel injected bike surge is when I got some bad fuel and after the next fill up with premium the problem went away.
      If the problem persists then contact a higher authority in Honda as the answer given to you is not logical on a EFI/ECU bike.


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