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Motorcycle Paradise

Spring colours

I went for a 1/2 day ride over the border ranges today to do some thinking and again noted Saturday to be a more relaxed ride without the usual Sunday distractions.


Now is a great time to visit this area as there is still many trees in Spring colours. (as at date of this post) Always a scenic ride it is made even better when all the Jacaranda trees create a purple roadside carpet.


The morning was superb but for once as predicted the weather changed by lunch to heavy clouds and strong gusts of wind.  The roads were filled with leaves and small twigs blown about onto the road and you could sense rain was on the way. I cut my ride short and just retraced my path through Numinbah and enjoyed Hinze raceway Nerang-Murwillumbah Rd entirely to myself!


First day to wear my full summer mesh jacket and I really need to update it. Despite buying the Cortech summer jacket a few years back I rarely wear it and revert to my old Dryrider mesh jacket which is very old and already past it’s prime. The Cortech is a summer jacket which does flow air when you are moving but the design is so bulky and heavy that it’s ability to keep you cool is lessened. Given the large amount of time per year I am in a summer jacket I may opt to spend a bit more and get something better next time. Sounds like a possible review soon doesn’t it Smile

Hope you get some rides in before the extreme heat arrives downunder.


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