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Motorcycle Paradise

Jupiter’s Travels

Finally got around to reading this famous motorcycle travel book. I have been going to order it from Amazon for years and then saw it on the shelf the other day of my local book shop. Of course I paid twice the online price as is everything retail in this country but personal travel was happening so timing came into play.

Ted Simon rides around the world covering 101,000km over four years through 54 countries on a old Triumph. It’s the most amazing adventure and there has been so many things written about the book that you probably already know I am going to say it is a very good read. I will add that despite all the time that has passed since he completed the journey it is still an inspiration and thought provoking read however the world is a very different place now and some elements were not so easy to relate to.
I wish he had written more about the second half of the trip as the detail was lost for large sections of that however I enjoyed it all enough to consider reading his follow up journey made more recently.


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  1. Hi IC

    You have put a lot of effort into your blog and very impressive. I come from South Island New Zealand and now live in the UK. You brought up some wonderful memories - thank you- Jim


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