My original pair of BMW City pants have proven themselves to be really versatile and I have just grown out of them size wise so when looking around for a new pair of riding pants I decided to go again with the BMW City Pants, this time version 2.

I used to ride in Draggin Jeans but after I had the fall on the ice in Japan the idea of not having knee and hip armor seems unacceptable to me. That fall was in Alpinestar pants but the armor in those pants I think was the reason I was not more badly hurt. And I know you can get armor for jeans but the pants and armour need to stay in place to work which does not seem the case with the riding jeans that I have tried on.

The BMW armor is large and wraps around the knee and extends down the shin. I have worn the City Pants version 1 in a wide range of temperatures. Not a winter pant but acceptable in cool mornings and hotter than light weight jeans in summer but I managed with them in California at 44 degrees. If you can wear shorty boots in summer then that will allow much more air to come up from below and alternatively on cool mornings when wearing your regular boots and long socks the pants adapt fairly well. I’ve not crash tested them however there is ample accounts that can be read on the forums to suggest they work fine in this department. The differences in the versions are to the pocket design, both of which work ok for me. My first pair have faded and I hope the colour of the V2 is longer lasting. Lastly the included belt has double D buckle now whereas V1 had a clip in buckle. Fit, finish, build quality is all very good and while more expensive than riding jeans they are a great all rounder.

Update – still using these in 2019, fantastic summer or mid season pants, best by far I have tried and much more comfortable then my textile pants.

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  1. I bought v1 on your recommendation and swear by them. They're rock solid and the armour holds in place perfectly, as you say.


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