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Motorcycle Paradise

Police state

What to do first weekend back from an epic ride OS. Go for a ride of course!


Beautiful spring weather here now, perfect day for riding even though the police of this state tried to ruin it.

Lots of police on Advancetown road with some sort of concealed trap targeting motorcycles. Next what appeared at first like a RBT at Canungra was actually a roadblock for only motorcycles. What follows is a ID check, vehicle defect check and if they remember a breath test. No cars were stopped. Another “RBT” at Beaudesert on my way home. Well to Queensland police I say if think you will break the spirit of riders in this state by intimidation– you’re wrong. What a disgrace you are.

Anyway I did not let this ruin my day out in the countryside and while riding I did some comparisons with my CB1100 and riding here to my recent mount the BMW R1200RT and riding in North America.

The CB1100 is not a light bike but it felt like a featherweight this morning after riding the BMW. In the hills the CB was so much easier to handle. However the wind pressure on me was a shock after having full fairing and large screen it took me all day to adjust to the force of the wind with the naked bike. I missed the electronic cruise control very much and the extra legroom and even by days end part of me wanted the windscreen…

I missed the 500km range of the BMW but more so being able to pay at the pump with my helmet on was is the case in North American. We started to see this in petrol stations briefly. Mobil had it but I think they want you to enter the shop and be tempted to buy something else so they removed it. But most of all today it jumped out at me just how conservative our speed limits are. I am sure readers know this already but we have really become a nanny state as has the rest of the country.

Headed west to Mt Lindsey and had lunch at Woodenbong Pub, they have expanded their menu and are also doing pizza’s which look pretty good. There is a 24 hr servo next to pub now (not used it myself but new signs up – might be card pay at pump)

Well that’s all for this ride report, hope you got out for a ride but were not tangled up in all that crap on the southern roads.

Todays route.



  1. Your not wrong warren, it appears oz is becoming the nanny state. Its as if the government has a hidden agenda to save us from ourselves.

    In Sydney the Old Pacific Hwy has become a permanent police blitz and the speed limit has been lower to 60 kmh. Most bends you can easily do 100-110kmh on easily. They have ruined it really.

  2. Yes plod was out in force doing a blitz on bikes. You never see them pulling over every car and doing these checks. I hate to see any group targeted. You're right, they will never break our spirit!

  3. I never understood why they did this and never stop any cars.


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