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Motorcycle Paradise

North America Tour Preview

After a few false starts I am still heading there this year. Actually I am going next month but for a smaller ride than first planned.

Originally I was going to ride around or across North America. Not to say I’d done it but rather because shipping my bike there for an extended ride was appealing cost wise compared to renting and making two or three smaller trips.

However after I started planning the trip in earnest a few doubts entered my mind. I came to the conclusion it would be smarter to experience in smaller dose at first.

Another thing was it appeared that the best riding is on either side and much less in the middle so I have decided to ride a selection of roads on the Western side from California to British Columbia only this trip. A longer ride on the East coast to follow next year if I enjoy this.


I have a BMW R1200RT like above booked with Eagle Rider for this tour. I am going to start in San Francisco and have strung together some recommended roads there and in the North West states and into Canada. While planning I tried to add as many good roads as I could to my route but naturally cannot do all. Some famous riding roads involved considerable highway riding so I have decided to skip them.

My route is going to follow this more or less. Many people have said I must go to Colorado, but it is too far away for this trip. In Canada I have skipped the Banff national park as already been to that area.


Many of the ‘motorcycle roads’ were sourced from internet sites of similar name and style. Motorcycle Roads .com and Motorcycle Roads .us . Additional information came from Backroads magazine, the AMA printed books ‘Ride Guide to the USA volumes 1 & 2’, Rider Magazine and Best Biking Roads.

Having a one way motorcycle rental is more flexible but makes luggage difficult. You can either throw away your suitcase and buy another at the other end or try bring a large sports bag along with you. I am trying the later, I found a cricket bag on eBay with wheels but no fixed internal frame just braces that can be removed so the bag can be folded down a certain amount. I plan to fold this into another smaller bag and strap to rear of bike and place most belongings into the panniers.

I had been planning to not take my helmet and this would have let me use a much smaller bag but Eagle rider have advised me they only supply skull cap 1/2 helmets with rentals – this seemed rather odd choice of safety equipment to offer but anyway I will take my own now and thus trigger the need for a large bag.

Despite new models coming out I see no leap forward in GPS tech so I am taking my old Garmin nuvi and my external battery power system. It has worked mostly ok so far and saves trying to wire things up. As per the photo, 6000mAh battery sits behind, GPS in front, long velcro straps lets you fit to anything, waterproof zips plus rain cover. Charge via USB at night.


The climate forecast for this ride is mostly hot, yet I am told to expect some cool weather in the later part. I am not able to take my usual Alpinestars two piece outfit as this would be too hot so I am going to take my BMW pants and First Gear Scout leather jacket which has good venting yet when closed still has some shielding from cool air. I will take a mid layer micro fleece and siting behind a large fairing like that on the R1200RT I think this will cover cooler mornings.

My desire with this trip beside experiencing the places and people where I am going is to find more enjoyable (to me) roads than the alpine type roads in Europe. Don’t get me wrong the alps were spectacular but switchbacks whilst great to look at are not much fun to ride. Real life experience is like riding along and executing a tight U-turn, maybe with oncoming cars cutting the corner, then gassing it 200 metres before repeating. And then same all the way up and down a 2000m mountain. I like to feel a motorcycle leaning over through longer sweeping corners. I will ride Europe again, independently and in more depth, but I will likely look at riding more in the valleys than the high peaks. Until then I am excited to soon be riding North America.


  1. Glad to hear you're finally getting close. I can't really argue with your reasoning re the renting and the smaller trip first. You'll probably get some good tips from the locals and that may help in the planning of 'the big one' if it eventuates later or a series of smaller jaunts.
    I sort of get the vibe that you could do with a bit of a break atm. I really enjoy your blog - I'm not much of a Facebook person so this is pretty well all of your webbing that I follow. I'm sure there are plenty of others as well who appreciate your natural style of writing. all the best with the rest of the planning - I reckon that 1/3 of the fun of a trip is in the planning :)

  2. How exciting! Can't wait to see the posts and pics rolling in :)

  3. Thanks Fuzzy, it's going to be great!

    Skitta, I have been working very hard and perhaps that shows, good timing for a holiday! Your right about the planning, I really enjoy it, helps keep my spirits up. I am already starting to plan something else before I commence this.

  4. Mate, I'd just like to congratulate and thank you for running this blog and providing such a brilliant resource for Brisbane motorcyclists. I've been reading for a couple of years and your ride recommendations are terrific. This weekend I planned a ride up to Kenilworth, Mapleton and Maleny based on your recommendations with a couple of friends (with lunch at the Bellbird Creek Cafe) and it was about the best day's riding I've ever had. Thanks again and good luck with your USA trip.

  5. Thanks and glad you enjoyed the ride Gary.

  6. Chillertek's site has led me here, so though I'd drop by and say congrats on a great blog. I'd love to do that US trip as well.

    I'm curious about who you were able to get personal insurance for the USA with that covers motorcycling. I tried a few companies before I went to the US in 2010, but we ended up renting a Jeep as I we couldn't seem to find any insurance cover (other than for riding a scooter).

    Cheers Jules

  7. Hi Jules,
    I first use an online brokerage - the site generates a number of insurance policies and I then download the full disclosures and read the exclusions.
    The rental company Eagle Rider have insurance options for personal liability and reduction of excess on vehicle and other items.

  8. Hi Iron Chef
    just looking at your satnav kit. Have you thought about connecting straight to the bikes battery?

    Iv got one for my mobile phone with the stem mount and its great for satnav apps

  9. Hi Stuart, on my own bikes I have always wired a power outlet from the battery but with the many varied rental bikes I find having my self contained unit allows me to get riding within a short time.


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