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Motorcycle Paradise

Another ‘Jackass’

The day started with clear blue sky however by the time I got out of town the weather changed with clouds rolling in to sit above the border ranges.

A chance for a small ride and a little bit of photography.


I was reading Fuzzy Galore’s blog and her comment of being a ‘reformed jackass’ struck a chord with me. I used to be a jackass on a motorcycle (and in general) and  used to think I needed to ride fast. As Fuzzy says if someone had told me when I was young I would later enjoy more just riding regular and stopping to take in the sights I would have scoffed at them and said something like ‘sure thanks gran-pa’ Just the idea of riding anything other than a sports bike seemed illogical to me. Funny now as I view sports bikes as the least desirable motorcycle to own. 

And so today cruising comfortably I thought I was being pulled over by a highway patrol but no, not interested in me, instead after other faster rider up yonder and just wanting to pass me. Sorry for the other rider but sure made my day not to be the target I used to be. Felt like I had won the lottery, which given the price of speeding fines is not an exaggeration.   


Whilst still some blue sky at Lake Moogerah the weather closed in shortly thereafter.


By Maroon dam I could see the rain on the hills.

I had intended to do some photography on the Barney View road which has some spectacular views over the ranges. I knew light from days change in weather was rotten for taking photos but since I was already nearby I went anyway. There is an abandoned old cottage that I sometimes wonder what it would be like to live in away from the rude city people and office work life that I so very much dislike.


Not long there and rain started to lightly fall. I was in my full winter gear which is waterproof so no rush. The weather radar on my iPhone showed just small scattering of rain so I could have easy ridden through but just the same it was looking bleak all round so I decided to call it a day.

Next ride will be USA.


“Why can’t you let it be - a tree stump twists”


  1. "Youth is wasted on the young" rings so true. I was that JackAss too. New "93 CBR900RR, "98 ZX9R, "00 R1....then kids and a couple of years off the bike. Now, while I bought another R1 (2002 classic)this year, I would be scoffed at by youngsters for how I ride it, but I am so gratefull to still be alive and in one piece and enjoying the "roses" with my kids.
    Looking forward to reading about your US trip. Doing it in an RV :( myself in September.

  2. Here in the USA we would love to have some of your cool weather. I too have been that "jackass". Guess we all learn something with age. :) Hope you enjoy your trip to the good ole USA, and can't wait to read about your adventures.

  3. Glad to find a reformed jackass support group here! :)

    " ...sports bikes as the least desirable motorcycle to own..."
    Right? The idea of being folded up on a bike these days... no thanks.

    Safe travels, dear. Can't wait for the beautiful pics to come rolling in.

  4. Talk about a reformed jackass. Especially the first picture is simply awesome. It could be an ad for your bike.

    Enjoy the US of A. Wishing you safe travels.

  5. Nice blog and article..........iam wating for next article

  6. Just revisiting this post, one of my better ones, sorry to everyone for not replying but for some reason I used to not reply to comments... I had a reason at the time, I think, but seems rude looking back.


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