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Spyder premium shorty gloves



I picked these up some time ago in South East Asia and was told the brand would be available in Australia soon.

A mixture of textile and soft leather, with the usual reinforced areas and small portion of carbon fiber. Generally similar in style and construction to many other shorty style summer gloves.

Much more comfortable then my Dainese Guanto X-ILE gloves the stitching does not rub your fingers and the gloves are more soft and pliable despite less use.

They are shorter in length than any other summer style glove I have owned, this may suit some but I would have preferred a touch more length however this certainly will allow air go into your jacket sleeves with ease.

Overall comfort and venting is high and they are holding up well so far. If they appear here then for reference they were about $20 overseas (the dearest gloves in their range on the rack) so should be available online for about same or retail locally for 3 to 4 times that.

As usual will update in about a year on how they go long term.

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