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Motorcycle Paradise

More New Zealand motorcycle tour

I have finally had some time to edit all the video footage I was provided of the New Zealand ride I completed last November, but it is no Spielberg.

This was shot with a GoPro HD camera and all these action cams use a wide angle lens which when mounted high on a helmet of a rider has the unfortunate effect of slowing down movement yet remains not wide enough to capture all the scenery the rider can see while riding. Thus the footage of roads all seems to look alike to viewers so I have trimmed about 8 hours to 4 1/2 minutes.
There is no music, you can mute the wind noise rather then put up with some dumb soundtrack, the bike sometimes in front of the camera bike is me. If you click to watch on Youtube up size it to 480 res and it will look much better that size than the default low res.

Edit: have uploaded it to Vimeo as YouTube repeatedly damaged the file.

My original report and photos on his ride is here
As promised a few extra photos as well:








I have been out for a couple of rides here but could not get motivated to write about them after the splendor of riding New Zealand.