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Motorcycle Paradise

New Zealand motorcycle tour preview

I am packing my motorcycle riding gear in preparation for riding New Zealand. I start holidays this weekend and am r-e-a-l-l-y looking forward to my break from work Smile

I have not posting anything the last few weeks, the ‘ol hands have been playing up and I am back on medication. I am forced to really rethink my USA ride and plan an alternative shorter route for North America next year, maybe a month, still thinking it through, but am going to stop kidding myself about what it realistic with this medical condition.

Anyway this is my kit for NZ.


From right I have my new Held ‘Rainstar’ gloves (review after the ride) Alpinestar jacket and pants as per my Europe ride as temperatures are still too cold for anything else. 4 Pairs of Alpinestars coolmax boot socks (quickdry so can wash in route). My Long Way Round warm buff for neck and my new Hairy Bikers coolmax type buff for helmet liner (to avoid helmet pressure points from scrunched hair).

Taking the Nolan N43 this trip for its large viewport and internal sun visor. Vitessi boots, new boot rain covers from Tour Master and a inner rain liner (jacket and pants are already waterproof but jacket has small storm flap so this is insurance). Out of frame is my small tool kit with puncture repair, my GPS and then lastly a new book I have wanted to read for awhile, Uneasy Rider by Mike Carter.

I am hiring from City Motorcycle Rentals in Christchurch, my point of arrival. I have chosen a Suzuki Vstrom with hard luggage. My clothes will be stashed in waterproof roll down bags I sourced from eBay and will fit in the side cases, suitcase will be stored by City Rentals.

Route will be back and forth on the northern alps crossings and then down the west coast, across the mountains again to Wanaka followed by Queenstown and the nearby lake roads and then back north.

Tell you all about it in a couple of weeks. IC.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about the trip IC....and the fact that you are going to be V-Stromming NZ is AWESOME!!

    Looking forward to the ride reports....and the photos!

    Have a fantastic trip mate,


  2. Onya. I know you'll enjoy yourself. Not coming North?

  3. IC,

    NZ South Island has to be one of the most beautiful place on earth- my short stay there 4 years ago with now wife left me with a lot of fond memories. Always want to go back and do it properly and what better way to do than on a vstrom - u will love it!!


  4. Nice! I envy you. Ride safely, and post some nice pictures.

  5. Get ready for the best riding of your life. Did 7,500km in NZ 3 years ago and heading back there this December. Remember, in NZ you overnight at backpackers places. Every town has them.



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