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Common Sense

I went for a ride Sunday, not far from home guy pulls up beside me and asks where is my number plate? Sure enough the plate was gone so I just turned about and went back home.

Mystery as to how it came off as both bolts still in place and bike has been in secure lockup since last ride My only rational thought is the bolt heads are small and the tin plate very thin so maybe by a fluke one head pulled through the plate and then the wind took the other the same way.

In the meantime this video was posted to the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook Page and is the findings of the GEAR study. This study when launched brought me into contact with forum bully Boris (AMCN) who claimed there was no proof that protective gear worked. I foolishly responded that was bullshit and an abundance of evidence exists around the world and then his cult chimed in that I was an idiot and if Boris says the world is flat then it is. That encounter brought to a permanent end my time on motorcycle forums. (was a true blessing in disguise)

Choose for yourself what to wear when you ride, little common sense goes a long way.