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Common Sense

I went for a ride Sunday, not far from home guy pulls up beside me and asks where is my number plate? Sure enough the plate was gone so I just turned about and went back home.

Mystery as to how it came off as both bolts still in place and bike has been in secure lockup since last ride My only rational thought is the bolt heads are small and the tin plate very thin so maybe by a fluke one head pulled through the plate and then the wind took the other the same way.

In the meantime this video was posted to the Motorcycle Paradise Facebook Page and is the findings of the GEAR study. This study when launched brought me into contact with forum bully Boris (AMCN) who claimed there was no proof that protective gear worked. I foolishly responded that was bullshit and an abundance of evidence exists around the world and then his cult chimed in that I was an idiot and if Boris says the world is flat then it is. That encounter brought to a permanent end my time on motorcycle forums. (was a true blessing in disguise)

Choose for yourself what to wear when you ride, little common sense goes a long way.


  1. Lol This is a reminder to last nights news where a guy was killed in new York on a protest ride against wearing helmets. Well he crashed and died after hitting his head on the road.
    Yes helmets are not fashion statements they actual serve a purpose. And yes i hate people who tell you how it is and can't seem to see any other persons view.

  2. I agree that you can't (and shouldn't) make someone wear full gear while riding a motorbike. Nine out of Ten times I'm fully geared up, but will occasionally wear shoes or no jacket, or non-kevlar pants, or even no gloves. But, when doing so, I ride to the conditions, and to my situation. There should, however, be an Australian Standard on all motorcycle safety gear so that consumers know that if they're geared up properly, that gear WILL do the job it's supposed to.
    I hate to think that in those times when I am geared up, should I come unstuck, my gear would fail to protect me.

  3. I hope we can simply message to new riders that decent gear can make a difference and perhaps offer a guide on what to look for if they chose to buy gear to ensure they get quality items that will not let them down or be uncomfortable.

  4. I took a spill riding my postie bike one day. No gloves and only sneakers, but was wearing kevlar pants, and a dryrider jacket with a Shoei helmet.
    It was a low-speed lowside and, though I got minor grazes to my hands, the worst injury I got was a few cracked ribs from landing on my arm.
    I remember my head bouncing off the road and, and sliding along the rough rocks, jacket and pants making a scratching noise. All the while thinking 'Wow! That didn't hurt'. Good gear definitely protects against the severity of any injury sustained in an accident, that's for sure.

  5. Firstly let me say that helmets and protective clothing wont save you from a good percentage crash which lead to fatal or severe consequences.

    The problem we have is that there are a lot of so called Motorcycle gears which offer minimal additional protection over a pair denim jeans and jacket, yet we pay over-inflated price for them.

    I hope standards can be introduced to measure the level of protection in terms of materials used, threads/seam strength etcs on motorcycle clothing that's available on the market. While we can choose the fit of clothing, knowing whether materials and construction method is up to required standard is not possible without testing in controlled condition.


  6. nothings going to help you if you hit a tree at 200kph but low siding in a corner? how can people not see that this gear is going to help??

    its exactly as you say......... common sense

  7. Protective gear is certainly not going to save you in worse case scenario. I think it is worthwhile however and along with decent riding training forms a good basis for new riders.

  8. if you're going 200kph you shouldn't be on the road

  9. It is just common sense, and not trying to be tough!

  10. Hey, just discovered your blog, and really enjoy it! As far as gear...while I support freedom to choose how much gear you wear, my personal philosophy is ATGATT!!! It's cheap insurance. Regarding idiots on forums...yeah, that's a problem with people on the Internet. I find that there is still good information to be had on forums, but YMMV :)


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