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Mini Update

Update on a few items.

I took the CB1100 back to the exhaust shop yesterday to have the quieter baffles installed and some minor adjustments. The chrome plated headers are showing some heat discolouring already so I hope this will be limited to the area around the mounting to the engine block. The mufflers are also to get their final polish which was not previously done.

Still very happy with the polished engine items. Any tips on what people use to maintain polished items would be most welcome.

An update on the Inox ‘No Chukker’ chain lube – it chucked everywhere, very very messy. I will stop using it immediately as perhaps the worst fling off I have seen in any lube.

Long term update on my Nolan helmet. The inner liner seems to have lost some cushioning or shape around my right ear. After a few hours it becomes rather uncomfortable. Recent rides I have been noticing it more and more and it is reaching the point where I will have to stop using it. Not sure what to get to replace it as I really like the open view offered by the Nolan compared to a normal full face helmet.

I also did some experiments and think I have perhaps worked out the main thing that aggravates my hand dermatitis. It is operating the clutch and brake lever which tends to minutely rub my the face of my fingers against the glove with each application. This slight movement inside the gloves over the course of the day adds up and with this ailment your skin is already weak and hypersensitive thus by days end your skin is irritated from this rubbing and I end up with a severe reaction within 12 hours following the ride.

The challenge now is how to beat this which is not as easy as one might think.