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Mini Update

Update on a few items.

I took the CB1100 back to the exhaust shop yesterday to have the quieter baffles installed and some minor adjustments. The chrome plated headers are showing some heat discolouring already so I hope this will be limited to the area around the mounting to the engine block. The mufflers are also to get their final polish which was not previously done.

Still very happy with the polished engine items. Any tips on what people use to maintain polished items would be most welcome.

An update on the Inox ‘No Chukker’ chain lube – it chucked everywhere, very very messy. I will stop using it immediately as perhaps the worst fling off I have seen in any lube.

Long term update on my Nolan helmet. The inner liner seems to have lost some cushioning or shape around my right ear. After a few hours it becomes rather uncomfortable. Recent rides I have been noticing it more and more and it is reaching the point where I will have to stop using it. Not sure what to get to replace it as I really like the open view offered by the Nolan compared to a normal full face helmet.

I also did some experiments and think I have perhaps worked out the main thing that aggravates my hand dermatitis. It is operating the clutch and brake lever which tends to minutely rub my the face of my fingers against the glove with each application. This slight movement inside the gloves over the course of the day adds up and with this ailment your skin is already weak and hypersensitive thus by days end your skin is irritated from this rubbing and I end up with a severe reaction within 12 hours following the ride.

The challenge now is how to beat this which is not as easy as one might think.


  1. IC,
    if your headshape fits Shark Evoline II - i seriously look at the it - i have done a fair bit of comparison between most of flip faces and find them to be top of list in what's available here.

    Internal Sunvisor, pass Aust Standard BOTH with chin bar up and down , as well as superior optics on the visor and sunvisor (wife is an optom) were factors of my decision. Noise factor is a little better than Nolan N84 and N102 i had in the past esp under 80km/h

    If u do end up getting one, get the "current version" of Evoline 2 instead of original Evoline 2(confusing i know, and a lot of dealers wont know what u r talking about- ask them to ask the wholesaler). Current version has tear off patch with recessed hole for earpiece mounting. It gives the temple area more room and would be appreciated by both glasses and non glasses wearer.


  2. Hi Acerider,

    I examined the Evoline today and it looks great however it was rather heavy compared to the non flip Shark helmets.

    I liked the Shark Vision R helmet.

  3. Shark RSR II Carbon reduced from $999 to $499 at BikeBiz. 5 star SHARP rating flagship model at half price is mighty tempting.

  4. IC,
    Obviously flip face is always heavier - but i must say evoline 2 carry its weight better than last nolan flip face i had - and it pass Aust test for use as open face helmet when needed.

    Full face is always going to be safer.


  5. I agree the Evo was nicely balanced, very nice helmet and not too heavy by any means just noticeably different to the RSR2 Carbon which is probably not a fair comparison for me to have had in my two hands.

    I was impressed with the whole shark range, having owned a RSR1 I am seriously tempted to get a RSR2 on sale.

  6. IC,

    It is very well priced for a very good helmet- I cant remember what RSR 2 is like from the shop - the only complaint i have with shark full face i tried in the past is that its thick side usually restrict the peripheral vision a bit - something that is more important on road than track.

    I am generally very impressed with shark helmets. Now only if internal sun visor is available on a lot more full face helmet, i would hvae gone with a full face.


  7. I dusted off my old RSR1 today and first thing I noticed was the reduced peripheral vision compared to the Nolan. I read in the blurb for the RSR2 'improved vision' so perhaps they have altered it slightly. End of todays ride and no pressure points unlike the Nolan and other helmets I have owned thus I presume that means the Shark is a match to my head shape. Reckon I will get one of those RSR2's on sale this week.


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