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Grevillia Loop

After a short break previously talked about I am back on the road.

While off the bike I took it to a exhaust and polish shop and got some work done. I ordered a custom made exhaust system in the CBX style. 4 into 4 chrome plated header pipes and four stainless steel mufflers. At the same time since a metal polish shop is attached I decided to get some items polished. Here is the result.


The exhaust was made by Pipemasters and it is still a work in progress needing more baffles as it is insanely loud at the moment and then a final polish of the mufflers.

Polishing was done by Matt who shares the Pipemasters office and this included the rim edges, engine covers and rocker cover outers. The finish is a superb mirror shine. With the chrome side covers the whole thing comes together nicely.

The weather looked a bit wet on the Tweed Coast so I took the safe option to ride west today. I had a new idea for a loop west and south that popped into my head last night. Riding out of town via the Western freeway, Ipswich motorway and Cunningham highway really works well on a Sunday morning, before I knew it I was at Yamanto exit and the deserted petrol station where I stopped for the above shot but the sun had already risen more then I had hoped lighting wise.

Over to Moogerah Dam via the back roads. A quick fuel stop seemed to indicate that unlike the MV Agusta, freeing up the exhaust was not going to deliver any huge boost to mileage on the Honda. There was a big organised ride happening on a similar route to mine so I stopped at the dam to take a couple photos to let the group get in front a bit.



Another look at the exhaust system.

I rode over Mt Alford and turned onto Dwyers Ridge road then along the Rathdowney Boonah road and bumped into the big group ride again a couple of times and was going to turn off and go via Mt Barney view road for a change but the group ride were (surprisingly) all turning up there and not to be unsocial but I had been dawdling along and was ready to put some miles down and not wishing to pass slower bikes those narrow roads I decided to ride straight on to Mt Lindsey highway.

They have put down some new hotmix on some of the previously damaged sections of the Mt Lindsey highway (mountain section) and it is back to half decent. Looks like more to be done there too so considering all the flood and rain damaged roads I am happy this country road has seen prompt attention. The NSW side has some new surface on the Summerland Way also.

Stopped at Grevillia for fuel and an early lunch, sorry forgot to take a photo but it’s a good mid ride spot when playing in this area to rest up and they make a decent coffee as well. Having fueled up there also means you can ride back via the Lions road rather than try push on further and this then completes the loop I had in my mind but previously never tried. P3271431


The Lions Road is an oddity in that it is sort of famous or at least very well known amongst riders yet is not a particularly good riding road. However it is scenic and I did want to take more time today to try capture some of that but rain blown over from coast literally chased me out of the hills and indeed then the valley when I tried to stop.


Todays ride is really such an easy outing that I don’t think anyone would find it too long and it offers a great alternative to the usual loop via Kyogle and the Hinterland. My hands are not mended but those PK glove liners seemed to help a lot.

Route here.



  1. Hey IC, the new exhaust and the rest of the new chrome looks awesome. Very, very nice.

    love the photos today too, great to see you back out on the road


  2. Thanks for the update ic and for the usual high standard of photographic art.
    The weather was just right yesterday and today - I chose yesterday to ride the opposite way from home near Boonah to Chapel Hill to visit to parents and had the same positive thoughts about the now upgraded Ipswich Motorway and the removal of the old bottleneck at the Western Freeway.
    The ride was also enhanced by the upgrade from the 250 to a new VFR - a midlife crisis remedy :-)

  3. Congrats on the new ride Tony, wow thats some upgrade!

  4. Bugger, experienced a dermatitis attack very next day on finger tips and blistering of thumbs and extensive swelling not to mention general misery all day today... why does riding now cause this to happen to me.

  5. Although the scenery is nice, I've never been that impressed with Lyons road, so many other nice runs in that area. I ran the Mt Lindsay section a couple of weeks ago and its brilliant (again). Happier to do the bigger loop from Mt Lindsay through Kyogle and north from there.

  6. Maybe once every couple of years I visit the Lions Rd, it is very hard to not ride Mt Lindsey and the Summerland way sweepers when in that area but occasionally I like to mix things up.

  7. It was a gorgeous weekend, finally managed to get a ride in without getting wet. you went the wrong way though, i went north over mt mee, peachester/bald knob road and hunchy road, best fun i've had in at least 4 months!

  8. Hey IC, *I* was leading that ride! Woohoo. We had a CanAm and MP3, a couple of 900 Hornets, Triumph Sprint, CBR1000, XJR1300, ZX10, Yammy TDM and a bunch of cruisers - an eclectic ride it was too. Faster bikes up front, cruisers dragging the chain.

    We pulled up at Rathdowney (after doing Mt Barney View Rd) before heading off towards B'Desert before then taking the Innisplain right turn and then over Hill View. Rathdowney store is closed down and for sale.

    This is a video I shot while doing the recce

  9. Hi Michael,

    Now that group ride makes sense, had to be someone with good knowledge of the roads to take that route.

    I followed the MP3 for a little while, perhaps a new rider, so I sat back and let them find their own pace and wanted to see how the vehicle managed on the bumpy roads. Seemed to do fine, great machine to start on I thought with the front end that has basically unlimited grip to the point of under steer and no need to balance at stop or lift it off a stand.

    Grevillia shop for sale also, it is a decent business but if you had those places you need to work 7 days a week or at least every weekend which would leave no life.

    regards IC


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