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I am still on my self enforced break from riding to try and get my hands mended. I think I am winning.

In the mean time I have put the bike in to get some work down on it. I am getting some polishing done, the rim edges and engine covers like the Japanese model has done and also I am getting a custom exhaust installed. These things are coming along and I hope I will be back riding in April.

I have been planning a 5 day ride for Easter this year to visit the Tablelands way and Blue Mountains however I will see how things go with my hands as to if I can undertake this or not. Last Easter I did a 3 day ride which was brilliant. Riding down to Armidale via the Waterfall way then leaving the bag at the hotel to do a loop over the Oxley highway and Thunderbolts way then returning over the Gwydir highway. I think I could try this one again, perhaps mix up the route to ride the roads in opposite direction from last and try trim it a bit to reduce the time in the saddle.

Here is a draft of what I might ride if the weather is fine.


  1. Looks like a fun route IC, hope all goes well and you are back out on the bike very soon!


  2. Thanks Anthony, I am hopeful to be back riding in April!

  3. Looking forward to the ride reports and the photos! Make sure there's at least one pub lunch photo included !! :)


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