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Rain and Forum thought police reloaded

Much of the state I live in has become a disaster zone with floods equaling the worst on record and rain forecast to continue into the next month. Things are looking grim for many people.
If you would like to help please donate to the official relief fund.
As for riding there is not a lot anyone can do.

I am considering pulling some parts of the CB and getting them polished or perhaps sending the seat off to be raised. Tackle some stuff now rather that later when the rain eventually stops.
Meanwhile not being able to ride I am spending far to much time looking at accessories for motorcycles on eBay and doing things I said I would never do again, like post on motorcycle forums.
I wrote about forums back here so why am I mentioning them again? Well like a fool I was bored watching the rain and visited a couple of forums.  Let me repost my original words from 18 months ago:

Ever notice many of the internet motorcycle forums have members who act as 'thought police'.
I have been known to frequent a number of motorcycle forums despite realising they waste far too much of my time. I am stepping away from them now as each forum seems to have one or two members who have an extreme difficulty in accepting not everyone shares their point of view about certain aspects of motorcycling. These folk then tend to spend a huge amount of time ramming home their point of view, killing off any free discussions that go against their point of view. These overbearing characters drive people off the forums they inhabit as members start to feel they need to moderate their comments or hesitate to engage in threads or eventually not bother to post because they think it may simply get a narrow minded sarcastic response.

And so 18 months later what did I find? The same bullies and bitter old men are in residence snapping at anyone who posts contrary to their beliefs, even if they say the sky is green don’t you dare say it is blue. Sigh, and so I have just deleted my bookmarked links to all forums so I hopefully in another 18 months will remember why I don’t have those links before I get other ideas.
Easter this year is a 5 day weekend, woohoo! Now that is a seriously good amount of time for a ride if the weather is permitting. I am already putting together a 5 day route to the Tableland way and return. 

The Motorcycle Paradise Facebook page is going very well and already averages 2000 visits per day despite very little exposure which is far more than this blog which averages 300 visits a day. I am glad I started the Facebook page as I feel that is the future despite the limitations of the current format. Not that numbers mean anything as this is just my hobby, a desire to share with others.
I hope you are safe from the flood waters or if affected then help gets to you quickly.

Regards, IC.